where to start

Thoughts of the day (edited):

  • Getting in kind of a morning routine here:
    • 5:30am get up
    • Watering garden
    • Yoga (Should do Yoga and prayers first thing in the morning, but I feel like I am risking to fall asleep again, if I don’t move)
    • black tea, sugar and crackers (so bad, but I need energy, and there were no bananas in the shop yesterdays)
    • listened to several prayers on Abide, but can’t really focus (can’t sit still in the morning)
    • prepared lunch on fireplace with help of Mere (same like yesterday’s dinner), fried Bele and poi and cucumber salad
  • Fear of failing and being told off
  • thoughts during morning meditation:
    • not deep breathing => not enough pressure to push oxygen from lungs capillary to blood capillary => low level of Oxygen bound to Hb
    • get things done … you start … you finish
  • OK, where to start
  • do I feel some kind of excitement coming up? Or is it just the usual “Monday let’s get into it” mood?
  • shall I put all this on my blog?
    • Yes … to stay accountable to myself
    • No … no better things to do?
  • Neujahrsgruesse to Tina
  • Bible verses and motivational quotations … print and laminate for home!
  • Note to myself: cucumber and coconut oil doesn’t go with each other! (maybe with VCO and dill and lemon)
  • how to stop being judgmental
  • selling veggies to the neighbour makes her feel bad (both have a job, why does she need to sell veggies?) … so kind of barter system instead

I can see that I start to note down my day-to-day activities. That’s not what this is meant to be used for. Thoughts only, ideas, maybe notes.
So please excuse my morning routine.
Interesting what comes up during morning quiet time, where I meant to think about nothing. Level of O2, CO2 and CO. I guess I just observed some kind of flat breathing in myself, as I am trying to listen to my breathing, so I am not getting distracted to other things.
The notes on top regarding “ok where to start”, graphs, excitement are all work-related. I really need to stick to the current willpower energy to get things done.
Being judgemental will be discussed during another project. Barter system is something I am thinking about already for some time. I might have to come up with a proposal and speak to the other women.

Damn, I’m really tired and won’t be able to finish this . My legs also start to be restless, not a nice feeling.

Somethings you do will never be appreciated.

bye, bye