You can bring a horse to the water ….

The zebra got it :)
The Zebra got it 😉

… but you can’t make it drink.

This is so true in many areas in life. Today I attended a meeting at the “Raw Food & Healthy Living” Community Group. Rado and his team have the right mind set and they always attract interesting people. What I like is that we see always new people attending these kind of events, but I also see familiar faces every time I go there.

We are now in the Information Age, so lack of information is definitely not a valid excuse anymore. But how can we make more people being aware of that they are responsible of their health and not the government. I guess we could put hundreds of books in front of them, give them plenty of power point presentations or show them x amount of dramatic videos … in the end they have to make the decision themselves whether they care about themselves or not.

Why is it not obvious to them? Don’t they have common sense? Again, what is obvious to me, doesn’t have to be obvious to someone else. I know, it is a big surprise and it took me a while until I understood and accepted it. Still, there are moments when I could bang my head against the wall or on the keyboard 😉

It is great to have the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thoughts and all this stuff. But it is not ok, when people have to pay for other people who give a s**t about themselves. Disease is a burden not only for the person who has the disease, but also for the people who have to take care of you now.

I am really looking forward to the day, when people will finally wake up and take responsibility of their own well-being. I know, it is easy to blame others, and I am guilty of that as well. But always remember … you are what you eat.