The Social Network

How facebook was made
David Fincher's The Social Network

I’ve just finished watching the movie The Social Network. Maybe I should mention before that I am not into movies and I don’t understand the hype about them in general.

I really liked the review from someone on the IMDb site:

Just because something is a TRUE STORY does not necessarily make it interesting.

I absolutely agree with that. There is nothing exciting in this movie. Yes, I really liked the way Mark Zuckerberg talks, reacts etc … but only because I am similar. And yes, I am not a hugger either 😉

However, what can we learn from this?

  • Life is a journey and you will find new friends and lose others … that’s ok. That’s part of the protocol put down by the Universe.
  • Learn from the people who have already been where you want to be, but most importantly learn from their mistakes.
  • Get help asap … you can’t do everything by yourself
  • Do not hug geeks!

Facebook is not very user-friendly and the interface is (sry) ugly. It is not fancy. But, it does the job and it is THE marketing machine at the moment. It is not about perfection, it is about progress. The later statement is one of my weaknesses, which I can turn into a strength … just a question of time.

Learn to use Facebook properly and it will do good for you. Just start by liking me for example! 😉