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Long nights

How my parents will see Fiji at night
How my parents will see Fiji at night
The countdown is on … In one week my parents will be visiting us. Yeah! That will be interesting 3 weeks.
We still need to organize some accommodation and other small things. But the main thing is that I have to keep my head up.
Today is lotulevu (Thursday). Kavica ni siga nikua? (what date is it today?) Na ikarua ni Julai. It’s 2 July.
Yes, this week’s nights are a bit short as I’m taking work home with me to get some things done before the holidays. And baby is sometimes not sleeping before 10pm.
Ok, today’s lesson are the weekdays:

  • Moniti
  • Tusiti
  • Vulelulu
  • Lotulevu
  • Vakaraubuka
  • Vakarauwai
  • Sigatabu

And off I go to work today, with nice lunch in my bag, boiled and fried fish, yummy!
Love my boys! Peace out!

Oh and by the way, did you guys see the Jupiter and Venus last night, incredible play of lights!

Go with the mind or the money

We saw yesterday in a Fijian supermarket some new products they will introduce into the local market here … Sauces where you just add water and you are ready to go. Personally I think it’s a huge market, because it’s new, easy, fast and it’s add to the variety of food. But my mind is fighting … These small bags of powdered sauce is full of ingredients which name you can hardly pronounce or are hidden behind some numbers. Chemicals you put into your body. I always spoke against them and praised homemade stuff. But I also understand the time and money side. Is it laziness? Maybe … So it’s up to you and your priorities in life. You either take the time and get all the ingredients and cook the sauce yourself or you get the bags, add water and you spent more time with your children. What to do?

This how I would decide:
– in what mood am I?
– is baby covered or does he needs my full attention?
– are all ingredients available?

I love my family and I want just the best for them. So, I will go with how I feel.

Peace out … Baby is calling 😉

Start all over again

Yes, back into a small workout routine in the morning for a couple of days already. It consist of

  • push ups – day of the month (will start doing different varieties of push ups)
  • plank – can be different variations
  • lunges or squads
  • stretches for lower back and glutes
  • calf raises and stretches

As long as I do something in the morning I’m happy. It reduces the pain I have in my left leg and my legs seem to be less restless. The best part is I make my baby laugh in the morning. He has an incredible smile, that makes him so adorable.
Any longterm goals with that? First of all, it has to become a habit, otherwise no point. Secondly, I have to increase intensity, like adding weights etc. Time-wise I’m not that flexible with baby and job. However, we will find a way.
Daina will be sending me soon another fitness book. I would love to stay on top with my fitness and my knowledge. I love doing it.
Another day in paradise! Love my boys and miss them already. You guys have a fun day and see you in the afternoon. We will go through it.

Peace out!

Just another day

20150102-185642.jpgPlan for the week … I still think it’s one of the hardest things to do. Except you have such a routine work and you have it done for a while then you more or less know how long specific tasks take.
I would like to do some brainstorming next week for 2 of my projects. I guess I plan one hour each. Before I need to know where the two projects are up to. And how long it will take until the data entry is finished ( it probably will never be finished) as they are ongoing projects that are still monitored.

… An hour later …

Such a boring topic, but at that time that was what went through my head. Now I would brag about my husband how well he goes along with our son, 4.5 months old. They have conversations, workouts and plenty of fun time. I’m sure he gets frustrated with him from time to time, but a smile in Franz’s face and you forgive everything.

Will have tea soon with my hubby, then baby will be fed and asleep already! LOL