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mixed emotions

Thoughts of the day (edited):

  • inspired
  • keep moving, do the boring parts and then do the excited things, don’t lose track
  • write everything down you are doing … she will come back later at some point and want the details!
  • Mixed emotions

Yeah, I love those days when you are motivated in the morning. And even better when this feeling last throughout the day. The art is to keep it at that level, no matter what comes your way. And there are days it works and days where it not works. To master that kind of art you need an huge amount of willpower and you need to know what you want. With those two ingredients, you could be unstoppable. But surely everyone know how easy it is to slip off the track, to find distraction (are we looking for it in the first place?).

So, why mixed emotions then? I thought about this several times already … when things go well at work, there is a high probability that there are issues at home and vice versa. Maybe that is meant to be the balanced life. But why can’t we have both … feeling good at work and in family? When I come home from work with a good mood, why can’t I keep it up sometimes?

something to think about …

Work life balance

elephantbalancesI’m currently enrolled in an online course from edx.org with the title “work life balance”. It’s about flexibility at work, like working from home, working remotely or flexible times. It’s all seems nice and fancy, but is it applicable to Fiji?

I’m right into the third week of this course and I’m still hesitating whether we as an organisation could apply such kind of flexibility. The technology is there, no doubt about that. The weak point as I see it are the humans. If you can’t see your work as your passion … Then working from home is not going to work. People need to the the head of the organisation as a guide, as a team leader. This “extreme” authority-like thinking here on the islands can and will hold any development in work-life-balance back.

Where to start? It starts in the villages, at home and at school. The whole environment of education, being a community and raising a new generation needs some refreshing without destroying the vanua.

Reaching work now … Have a blessed day people.
Miss my boys so much!

Peace out!

After every high comes a low

Ying and Yang
The perfect balance

That was my BS (that stands for Belief System, and not what you thought 😉 ) which I now try to change.

You have days when you just feel awesome. Everything works as planned and maybe even better. Opportunities come your way and the world loves you. You are the happiest human being on Earth and you don’t understand why other people are so grumpy, moody and pessimistic.

And then you have days where just nothing works. It takes you hours for writing an email. You do everything else instead of the things on your to-do list. You don’t attend meetings and the whole day just feels like wasted. And it is.

I observed for myself that after days of happiness I crashed and my self-confidence sunk lower than allowed. I was getting very annoyed by all this up and down, as I didn’t see it on other people. So I decided to not to get too excited about things anymore. I acknowledged it, but you wouldn’t see me jumping around with a big smile in my face. This way I was sure that I wouldn’t fall down too deep. It would cost me too much energy to get myself up again.

However, that is not the ultimate solution either. Through personal development I have learned 2 things:

  1. Don’t take things too personal. When people put you down, acknowledge it and remember it is just their perception. They reflect their world and problems on you. It is nothing to do with you. There is no reason to be down after that and no reason to lose self-confidence. For all things that happen to you 10% are out of your control and 90% are just how you react. You decide if you are angry, upset, depressed or moody. Only you decide how you want to spend your day. Make it worth it!
  2. Acknowledge that life is not about happiness. Happiness is only one side of it and you don’t want to miss 50% of your life, do you? Life is about experience. I got this from Dr John Demartini. We can’t live without sadness in life. There is always Ying and Yang, up and down, north and south. You can’t have only one side of a magnet.

The change of habit I am working on in the moment is really to control my emotions. The acknowledgement of good and bad is very important to be balanced in life. When things don’t work out as they should, find the things that are currently great in life. When the job is very annoying, you will find yourself in a happy relationship. There is always something that balances out the bad things, but also the good things. This way you don’t get too cocky but neither to low in self-confidence.

Are you trying to be happy in life or did you find the right balance?