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For everything there is always a first time

church-is-funOk, it was not really the first time for us to go to church last weekend, but it was the first time for baby boy. It was planned for a long time, but we never could get our heads around it since we are in Lautoka.
Overall it was a well spent time. The church is simple, filled with people I could get along with and luckily more singing than preaching. Right below is sunday school, with full of kids. Good for baby boy.
So, why going to church in the first place? Several reasons:

  • doing something as a family
  • singing is good for the soul
  • being out of my comfort zone
  • reflecting on life
  • using the session as meditation or cleansing process

I loved the simplicity of the whole process, just not a big thing.
Am I calling myself a Christian now? Not really, maybe just a believer who uses Christianity as a spiritual platform to grow.

Ok, it’s Monday morning, on my way to work, plenty of exciting things to do.

Love my boys!
Peace out!


Just finished reading the book “the biology of belief”. It matches nicely my knowledge of cell biology with my spiritual level. And Lipton’s conclusion, that knowing doesn’t change anything. You have to actually do it to get results.
Do what, you might ask. I really can’t hear it anymore, but it’s like ” think positive”. It’s actually far more behind these two words.
The environment is the main influence on who you are and what you do. But are you able to change the environment, so it influences you in a way you want to be influenced?
So, why the title “powerlessness”? My reaction to some environmental signals seem out of my control and I take things very personally and shut down. I don’t want to fight or argue, but I also don’t agree with everything. Then I shut down and say nothing. Just to avoid any further tension. This is not really helping to solve problems.
This feeling of being powerless is not how I want to feel. Where is that strong independent woman most people see in me? Should I toughen up even more? I’m a mother of a beautiful son, and I feel that I can show my love the first time. I’m usually not a person who shows feeling, but with the birth of Franz, things have changed a bit. Out of my control … At least it feels like it. Maybe something out of my sub consciousness.
That seems to be a good topic to meditate about.

Love you Mark & Franz