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yeah vegetarian but

indian food
Not how we have been served, but close 🙂

Two days ago our landlord invited us to join their prayer session. I might have to mention that our landlord is FBI – Fiji born Indian 😉 and Hindu, like probably all our neighbours here. As my hubby had to leave for his job, it was on me. Cowardly, I was hiding in our flat, but I still could hear the family and friends doing their prayer session in Hindi. ( I am not shy, just introvert as you know from my previous post). I was definitely out of my comfort zone, when the landlord came a bit later and literally picked me up. I’ve told him, that I don’t speak Hindi, but he said, oh the women inside do speak English. So, there we went.

I went inside and his two daughters politely gave me a seat and some entrees, sweet and savoury ones. Taste was yummy, but hey … there is only so much sweetness a human being can handle I thought. And the savoury ones, hot and spicy, absolutely fine with me … but do you really need to prepare them in that much oil? Despite that no one spoke English, I caught some words here and there and it was unavoidable to notice the topic was about school and half the room was filled with teachers. The new term starts tomorrow. It just confirmed that Indian’s are made for white-collar jobs, right? 😉

Back to the food topic. A bit later they served lunch and the oldest daughter kind of warned me that the family is vegetarian. I kindly confirmed that I am vegetarian too, to a degree. I really appreciated all the different things they have served, but I can only eat that much you know. I love how Indian’s spice these foods up, I really do and I appreciate it that I could experience it. But all that oil! Too much for my body and my system … it kindly rejected the food just half an hour later.

6 months in Fiji and I am still struggling with nutrition here. At the moment I feel quite malnourished, seriously. How can you eat healthy here? I really need to switch on my creative side of the brain and find a way to eat healthy that also fits my budget. I don’t want my limited budget limit my health … or is that the actual obstacle? Something to think about!

what’s holding you back

I have started to write some posts again, and so far they kind of build on each other. I am struggling with seeing myself having success in life. I shared that with a friend of mine, and she started to question me and dig deeper and deeper. And here we go … that’s what I’ve found so far.

You have seen the list of things I enjoy or would like to do. You could ask why am I not doing them, e.g. playing guitar, or why am I not in Fiji next week? What’s holding me back? And that’s where typical excuses come into the game:

  • No money
  • No time
  • No space
  • I’m too big
  • I’m too old
  • I’m to small
  • I don’t have the right clothes
  • I don’t have this
  • I can’t do that

I could go on and on … and yes I am definitely guilty of some of them too. And you can indulge in them, whinge about them, strengthen them … but one thing is for sure … these excuses are holding you back to do the things you like to do. And therefore they are holding you back from being happy and therefore holding you back from being successful.

It’s sad to see that most people just stop here. That’s it. Because of these excuses, they stop living, literally. Maybe that’s the easy way out, the comfortable answer to any challenge. I am guilty here as well.

But … how much do you want to be happy? How badly do you want it? Na, you are all good with where you are? Not causing any troubles? Comfortable in the couch with chips in your hands? Good for you .. but that’s not me. I can be a couch potato in Germany as well. I moved to Australia for a reason. I actually want to live with a smile in my face … I want to be happy! It’s not easy, otherwise everyone would be happy and successful. Life is tough … Life is a journey with up and downs, otherwise it would be really boring.

Take one thing you really would like to do now, find out what’s holding you back. Take this excuse and put it on the table, write it down. For example, you don’t have the money. Why is that? 2 options: too high expenses and too less income. you can now reduce the expenses and/or increase the income … do a brain storm session, maybe with friends and family or just by yourself. You will be surprised what you can do to change. I can’t give you the solutions here, because everyone’s situation is different. Do you have the courage to implement some of the ideas? How much do you want to be happy? It might looks like too much, but if you break it down, everything is possible.

Remember, only when you are happy you can share happiness 😉 (it’s one of my favourite sayings)

It won’t happen over night. We have become quite impatient human beings … we want the reward immediately. We didn’t gain weight over night either … it has been accumulated over years of “hard” work 😉 … really don’t expect to lose the weight in just a couple of weeks.

Start saving today, be consistent and responsible, it will come. Have faith … believe in something you don’t see. But stay true to yourself. If you start exercising, but haven’t changed your nutrition, don’t expect much change in your body shape. Lot of other topics are popping up now in my mind.

Today I really wanted to make you aware of the excuses we are using, because we are scared to be out of the comfort zone. you might have to do some tough decision, you might lose some friendships. But if they don’t understand the direction you are going, then they were not your friends anyway 😉 you will discover a lot of new things in other people but mainly in yourself.

I have made some decision money-wise, but also fitness-wise. I have to put myself first, so I am actually able to help others later … put your mask on first. It won’t happen in the next week, and maybe not even in 4 weeks … but I will make it happen. Because I really want to pick up my guitar in Germany, I want to go to Fiji again and I want to have the best body condition possible to reach the next level in my Boxing career 😉

-Rambo Bambi-

Watch people

Having a bit of time off from your routine is always refreshing. But it can also put you in a situation that is outside if your comfort zone.
You see your work mates at least 5 days a week in working mood and working clothes. Then you are out with them for a special training weekend. Everyone is dressed up, you hear new stories from your mate, sometimes even quite personal ones.
I love to listen and watch such scenes. People are opening up, suddenly things become more clearer to you. And you also might be disappointed by others. Not everyone is walking their talk.
On the other side, what information are you giving away? Do you let yourself go? Do you reveal your darkest secrets? What do want your colleagues to know about your?

The change if environment also changes people. Therefore we never should judge people from the state we always see them in. Be open to learn more about others, you might even share an interest.

Change of environment also gives people the opportunity to maybe tell you how much they appreciate what you do and you might see your working place differently from now on.

If you get the chance to change environment and/or step outside of your comfort zone, do it. Human behavior is such so amazing and the more you know the better you will be able to benefit.

How much do you reveal?