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no media, no news

keep-calmI somehow cut myself short in media to post all the stuff that is happening. It is getting stuck in my head, however time is short, no platform and sometimes no data (internet). So, what to do? Lean back and find a solution. I really, really want to get the things out of my head to get things done and on paper.
I love what I am doing and I want to share with anyone … they might get something out of it.

so, I am stealing officially 5 working minutes to put this small post onto my blog. Communication seems to be my current main issue. Who to talk to when and how? Ideally, everyone should listen to my when I speak, heheh! 🙂 I feel like setting up my project book again, so I don’t loose any data. When I discover something, I feel like telling them now … so I knock on the door … as I am desperately waiting for advise or next order.

Project book it is? Thinking, thinking, thinking ….

Love my boys … hope hubby has a good trip out in sea.

Peace out!

no room for being shy

IntrovertShyNever, ever put me on the stop, especially in an environment I am not familiar with or whenever I am out of my comfort zone. That has been rule #1 for me so far. What did it do to me?

That always gave me time so I could prepare myself for that event or task. It has delayed my action, but it gave me certainty. I guess there are pro and cons to that. But that’s the way I could create my own little world in a moment and get ready. For the last 15 years or so, I am on the move, never really resting. Always different people around me, learning different languages to communicate, different personalities to deal with. It’s tiring and it feels like a never-ending story. No time to settle down, every year new goals, new environment, new problems to deal with .. life seems to shape me and not as it should be, I shape my life.

I guess, being shy is my way to deal with new situation, new people, new languages (mostly new accents). But I am normally not shy for long, so being introvert might be the right explanation. I am just not the person spontaneously ready to be out there. Give me time, give me some certainty and I will do it .. I do it … just my way.

But then there are and will be situations, where there is no time to think, to get prepared and I will have to do things, that make me feel very uncomfortable and insecure. Maybe that’s something I have to learn now, that’s life too, isn’t it. Because there are too many things in life I actually can’t control. So bring it on, but give me time to recover … please. 🙂

There are no stupid questions

… only stupid answers.

There are two kind of people. The ones who invest money and time to find the answer of interest by DIY. That’s right. These people will spend massive amount of time in libraries, bookshops and with Google.

the solution is somewhere and I will find it

The other kind of people don’t waste any time on finding solutions themselves. They just ask for the solution. Correct, these people are the people’s person.

So which personality has more advantage? Sure it depends on your environment. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit both.

I could spend hours researching a topic, so guess what kind of person I am. To improve my people and communication skill I am putting myself out of the comfort and in front of people.

Do I have fun, not always, but I’m learning heaps.

What person are you? The DIY or “give me quickly the answer” type?

6 ways to make people like you

Social Media had made it more easy to create a network of people around you. However, I guess everyone agrees on that, the quality of the network is an important factor as well. Especially when you want to utilize the people in the network. There is a lot of sorting and filtering to do.

What if you could qualify people before they become part of your network? How can you make people like you as a human being?

I am currently testing the following 6 points, to increase my network, to maybe become more social and have the right people around me. Let’s join me on the 31 days challenge.

  1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
    • My first hurdle. I am more interested in books, science and technology. I haven’t realized yet the potential in knowing other people and maybe leveraging of this. Note to myself … ask people I meet and see on a daily basis, what they are actually doing, if they like what they are doing and what they are planning next weekend. Just general things, there might something come up that you have in common.
  2. Smile.
    • Oh man, some people are really born with the smile in their face. It comes so natural … I feel like that didn’t happen for me. 😉 Task for the next week for me is to monitor myself when I don’t smile. Create some mind snippets that make you smile. As soon when you realize you should better smile, think of this snippet.
  3. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
    • Repeating the name of a person 3 times after you’ve heard it the first time, makes you actually remember the person more easily. Maybe we can try to swap mate or buddy for the actual name of the person. 😉
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
    • People love to talk about themselves. For a person like me, who is not that talkative, this task is easy. Just listen and acknowledge. How are you doing with this one?
  5. Talk in terms of other person’s interest.
    • That is a bit challenging when you have no clue what the person is talking about or you don’t have any interest in it. What to do? Don’t close down … repeat what the person said in a different way. You might learn something and the person sees that you are interested in him/her.
  6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.
    • Acknowledge what the person is saying. You might even add something that make the people more comfortable around you, because you “click” with them. Ask them question about their interest and you will their eyes sparkling.

I guess there is a lot we can do to learn more about the other person without asking too personal questions and make them feel uncomfortable. Let’s see how we go in the first week … feel free to comment on your progress! 🙂



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!

Update: It has been pointed out several times now that the 6 points are from the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I haven’t read this book yet, but I found the six points in an unreferenced report. I apologize, if I have offended someone. It was not my intention to make the impression that the 6 points have been “discovered” by myself.

Where are you now?

Old phoneTimes have changed, haven’t they? 20 years ago, you knew exactly where the person was when you called them on the phone. I guess that was the only advantage of having a landline. 😉

These days you call someone, and you could have no clue where they actually are … but somehow you get a connection. The waves find their way through the cloud. How cool is that?

Do you think Generation Z has ever used a rotary dial on a phone? Where I grew up, we didn’t have a phone, until the Wall came down in 1990. I am sure you can guess on which side of the Wall I grew up. If I remember right, only people with the “right” connections or with Diabetics could have a phone. (Surely, other diseases as well.) …. I guess we had plenty of invented diabetic people in the 80’s 😉

I remember when we finally got the phone. It was exciting and cool. You felt special when the phone rang, I still do now, hehe. I actually stayed at home waiting for a phone call. The obvious disadvantage of a landline. As I said, things have changed … I don’t have a landline number anymore. Mobile is the way to go.

Looks like I have outed myself now … I am not member of Generation Z 😀

The Million Dollar Skill

Exchange Solutions for Dollar
Ask the right Questions and the Dollar will follow

Everyone is good in something. But not everyone seems to be successfully making money with it. McDonalds doesn’t have the best burgers and Microsoft is not the best software company. However, both companies are very successful global companies. How come?

Communication and people skills

It’s the way how they talk to people and how many people they reach with their strategy. McDonalds and Microsoft know who their target markets are. It might be different in every country. That’s why the put quite a bit of money into market research. And it seems to work. (Update … just recently Subway overtook McDonalds in number of branches … What happened?)

How many people do know about your skill? How do you showcase your skill to your target market? We know that people need our expertise … so let’s start to communicate then.

And this list is valid for any kind of business:

  • Care about people
  • Get people’s trust
  • Don’t push sell … try pull sell
  • Tell the truth
  • Solve problems

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Knowledge can be a burden if not it is not shared. There is plenty of marketing out there showing all the features and different models etc. That’s great, but what are the benefits?

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?

How do you know your knowledge is worth anything? In other words: Does your know-how solves any people’s problems? But to find the right people you need to start asking people. What are they looking for in products?

  • What are they doing for living?
  • What’s missing to reach the next level?
  • What’s not working?

Provide people free information. Give them tips that work for them and put a smile on their face. This way you gained some trust. With trust you attract people to you ( aka pull-selling). Make people curious about you and your expertise. Be true to yourself and to your customers.