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Persistence and Consistency

Two magic words. How did we learn to walk? We saw people walking, actually everyone we saw was walking. We knew it was doable and achievable. Tips and tricks from our parents were not helpful, they don’t remember how it is to not be able to walk, so what? Persistence and consistency, falling back on the bump, grabbing anything that kept us upright, again, again and again. So we know what we can achieve through persistence and consistency, however when we grow up, we listen more and more to our parents, teachers and other people around us. We hear things like “You can’t do that”, “No one has done it in our family, why do you think you can do that?” or “What’s the point?”. Most of the time we give up or don’t even try to start to work on our idea.

You have to decide who you are listening to. Do you want to be like your parents and like your friends? Then listen to them. Or do you want to live like Richard Branson, Dr John F Demartini, Donald Trump and Will Smith? Then I would suggest you to listen to them. Read about them and attend their seminars. These people are sharing their experience for a reason, to show that everything is possible in life.

I just attended a seminar with Dr John F Demartini yesterday. Just listen to his story, how he achieved to live the lifestyle he has now …. your eyes will be watering and you will look at your life differently. I am quoting John here:

ā€ŽAnd if somebody says you can’t do it, you fucking can!

F.U.C.K. stands for Future Understanding of Conscious Knowledge! šŸ˜‰

Everyone can achieve his or her dreams, you just need to work on it, step by step. Work on it persistently and consistently. The will to change your life will make you get up on the morning. Turn it into a habit and soon you will see the change happening.



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!

The Genius in You

Dr John Demartini made a great statements in one of his books called “Breakthrough Experience”.

Our own soul is the ultimate guardian spirit, and a genius is one who listens to their soul and obeys

Unfortunately most people are listening to the outer voice. We listen more to other people’s opinion, systems and expectations and we are trying hard to fit in. This results in lack of motivation, procrastination, fights and dislikes.

What is it, that keeps us so small and obeying to others instead to ourselves? Are we scared to speak up? Is the social pressure that big? What do we have to lose?

When can we all start to acknowledge the genius in us? Now? But … there is no but. You have been put here on Earth for a reason. You have been given a talent, so master it. The only limit you have is time, the time being here on Earth. Don’t waste your time following a system set up by others. Don’t try to be like them … even you might reach a similar level, you won’t be happy, because that is not you, the real you.

Start to love yourself, acknowledge your soul’s message and your life will be fulfilled.

I like reading Demartini’s book and I already attended a couple of his events here in Brisbane. In the video below we even got the opportunity to get John to send our team a message.

My homework is now to release my genius. I have it like everyone else has it. However, something isĀ suppressingĀ it. What are your dislikes and likes? Where do you think are your skills? I don’t mean the skills on your Resume, I mean the skills given to you when you were placed here in Earth. What’s your purpose?