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I wish I could

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  • read a book again
  • get back into fitness
  • do some boxing
  • have my raw food based lifestyle again
  • go for a boat ride with my boys
  • learn even more
  • have my own car/scooter
  • bend time
  • do big farming to support my family
  • write books
  • convince people of their inner potential
  • stop people thinking of themselves too small

The list is probably so much longer and looking at it … For some items I am close to make them happen. Just don’ts hope.

Peace out … Out in the field changing people’s lives.

Control the content of your dream

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a dream and you wanted to go back to sleep immediately, because you needed to know how the dreams end? I am not a fan of open-ended stories either 😀

Or did you try to plan your dream ahead? You are in bed thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to dream about this tonight!

I am sure science is on to it and one day all this will happening. But what to do in the meantime? Will dreams always be dreams? Are you working on living your dreams?

  • Living in your dream house
  • Driving your dream car
  • Being with your dream partner
  • Having your dream job (does that exist?)
What if your dreams could come true? “Could” is such a fake word. I prefer as Master Yoda said:
Do or not do, there is no try!

If you can dream about things, you can think about them. And as soon as you think about them, they exist. They are reality. Thoughts => Action => Results. Just don’t let dreams just be dreams. If you like them, write them down. What are the actions you can take to make them reality? What are the skills you need to learn? Who are the people you have to meet?

Control the content of your dream in the way that dreams inspire you what is possible.
Keep dreaming, keep looking and you will find your dream house, dream car or partner.
Inspired by an article of New Scientists