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This passion thing again

07f1afdb7e499306635943a0eadb79afSo, they tell you to work hard, to love and enjoy your work. Later is easy when your work is your passion. Even the bible says says to find a purpose in your work.
Ok, now you are doing all of that, but what if your boss is still not happy and/or your salary is still not covering your family’s expenses. How can you reach something in life when you feel like a failure all the time? It feels like whatever you do, no matter how hard you work, no matter how passionate you are about your work, it is never enough. How can you support a family with that?
Keep the faith, keep learning in your field of interest, don’t crash your ego or self-confidence.
However, should I question my passion again? I find it hard to always strive for more or higher things. I don’t mind being a student for life, but when do you actually practice what u have learned? When is it actually enough what we know? Are we as an organization striving for something that hasn’t been done before? That’s why we need to learn and apply new things. Could be the answer.
I’m just about to reach work. Learning statistics again.
Love my boys … Peace out!

What happened to my workout routine

milo_carrying_bull_calf_starting-strength-workout-routine-300x210There it is, my workout commitment. Not even a full week I can stick to it. Why? For example the last 2 nights we spent at in-law’s place. The workout should be the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up. But that habit is not established yet. First thing in the morning is still baby and his needs. Fair enough! But I shouldn’t forget myself in the whole process. Luckily we had our aerobic session yesterday at work, so I’m not losing out that much.
What I have to do is just getting back on track. It doesn’t matter how many times I think I fail, as long as I have the will and commitment to keep going I am good.
Funny how I haven’t failed yet to go to work. Wondering how that works. 😉
Peace out … See my boys tonight!

How do I know I am successful?

Default answer would be “when I’ve reached my goal”. That’s what we get taught at school, you pass a test, you are successful. You score a goal, you are successful.

However … success is probably so much more or even something different. With the new age wave came the saying “Success is a journey”. But how can that be success when you stop halfway through. Didn’t you lose out at the end?

Some people say, it was not meant to be your journey or maybe not even your goal. Now I ask, why did that goal come to my mind in the first place then?

Possible answer now could be, that you met new people and you learned new skills, which is always good. Yes, good side effects … but still … I wanted that goal for a reason.

Ok, maybe I will use a personal example.

I haven’t been able to be successful in network marketing yet. I believe strongly in the business model. As long as I was active I met new people. But it was hard to keep them entertained. Maybe not the right people and only the right ones still stick around me now. Did I learn new skills? I don’t know … I guess not, otherwise I would have made it, no?

Now I can be upset that I haven’t made it yet in network marketing, but that would be silly and a waste of time. However, I don’t see the success in that journey … I’ve put quite some time and effort into that journey. Didn’t I do what I got told to do? sometimes and sometimes not. Is that it?

I think I connect success with getting something out of it. And I am still not valuing a human connection enough … damn it, this human thingy. It drives me nuts. Ok, ok, that was only an example.

Back to the initial exercise … which was to find 10 things I was successful in so far, and I only could list 5 things in the last post. So, finding a new friend who becomes a very close friend … is that success? It doesn’t feel like it for me, because I am not valuing it enough 🙁

Is success finding someone/something that makes me happy? Then a new friend would qualify for that. Or my trip to Fiji. “Finding” seems to be the wrong word here, it should be “discovering”. Because you are not planning to make friends, it just happens, doesn’t it?

I am still not comfortable to put that on the list though. Both “items” changed my life and probably will keep doing so …. success or faith?

I don’t know if that post went into the right direction … it feels like it was not successful, as I still haven’t completed my list. Is success measurable? it should be, kind of … as I can list it according to the exercise 😉

Ok, give me a break here ….