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Long time no write

yep, Winston did strike and isolated us for a couple of weeks … power and some kind of normality is back now. But still more things to sort out.
My first cyclone … and right away the strongest ever recorded here in Fiji. Not an experience I want to share or wish anyone. We were lucky … the house stood still. But the trees around us got quite some damage. Luckily none of them damaged our house.
Good reminder as well to value the basic things of life. Shelter, Food, water, Family … how could we forget all that in such a short time? Human race is quite spoiled. I guess if we would look after each other more and value simple things again … lot of unnecessary death, war and hate could be avoided.
The challenge is now to come out of it much stronger and smarter, but that’s why it is called a “challenge”. There is only that much we can do ourselves … but at least we should do what’s possible ourselves and not wait for other to give, donate and share. yes of course donations are welcome and highly needed. However, we should not waste time and wait for help. Surely, you can find always something to do … then do it. Make sure it helps you and your community to grow.

I will try to be back online here for several reasons … to clear my mind, to train my writing style and to show the world that I have a voice too.

I decide to be happy and am doing it with love.


integral-area… at work yes, at home … I am struggling. There are lot of things I have adapted to, but some habits or manners … it’s not working with me (yet). Those kind of habits are sharing, asking for help, Grog (to an extent).
Sharing food is just something that wouldn’t come to my mind. Everyone around me would share their lunch or snacks, even with me … but do you think I offer mine? This idea is not popping up in my head. Either this option just doesn’t exist or there is a missing trigger. Obviously I haven’t tried hard enough yet and it is for sure not high on my priority list. But from time to time I am noticing this behavior. Then I try to offer, but I have the impression people don’t take food here from white people or they don’t like my cooking 😉 . So, I am not putting it up on my priority list or my resolutions for next year. However, I will keep monitoring it.
Asking for help … yeah, being raised as an independent women living by herself most of the years … I am not asking. Then people come and offer help. I accept it, but sometimes I really don’t want help and at that point it becomes annoying. Because then I feel obliged to give back the favour. The thing I wanted to avoid from the beginning. I think I need to resort my approach here. Now that I am writing it down it feels rude from my side. Sure, you always will have people that come and help and want something in return.But I want to look at it differently, so it doesn’t give my life this negative spin. Any suggestions or ideas?
Drinking Yaqona .. that’s Fiji. And yes, I am enjoying it from time to time. But I prefer to control it too, like I don’t want to drink grog every day. I don’t want to drink grog after midnight, especially during working days. I still get the feeling that I have better things to do than sitting there doing nothing … is that called socializing? Hahahaha!

Just my 2 cents for today … still missing a proper timing to get back to regularity on posting.

Love you all !

Peace out!


images (15)How come my nephew did his exams and now doesn’t go to school anymore? The school holidays are still far away. Something not right with the local curriculum. The kids should get education through the whole year and not only till the exams.
I’m not asking to put a western’s country curriculum onto Fiji. Fiji has to develop it’s own with a very high standard and most importantly suitable to Fiji. The kids deserve access to information and to be trained to think independently, both still lacking in the current system, even in other country. Kids are given the information in such a way that they don’t need to think anymore. Big mistake!
Kids need to develop creativity, imagination and phantasy.
Any solution?

  • start with the teachers, they have to set example
  • start at home, give the kids books and a scheduled daily rhythm
  • raise the standards
  • every single subject need to reviewed

I would love to write more, but I’m approaching my workplace. Later more.
Love my boys!

Peace out!

A small recap

Happy anniversary to my home country Germany. It has been now 25 years that Germany is reunited. Time flies. History has been made, in a good and bad way.
My now chosen home is Fiji and they celebrate Fiji Day in one week’s time on the 10th of October. It is their 41st anniversary of independence from the UK. (I would celebrate that too) A different history and very different culture.
Here I am, 2015, on my way to a job I actually like. Not many people can say that. At home a husband and a little baby boy, actually not that little anymore. We are all healthy and happy.

Life is happening around and within us, enjoy the ride!

Peace out!


What to do about it – SDGs in Fiji

You can bring a human to knowledge, but you can’t make him think.

How true is that? To think for yourself seems to be impossible for the majority of people. At school we learn facts, but they don’t teach us to think. They make us dependent on handouts etc. this whole system needs a complete crash down and rebuild.

Look for yourself, read for yourself … Easier than Google and Wikipedia is almost not possible. Do you care about yourself, your family, your community, your country, our planet? Stop thinking small and that global issues won’t affect you locally. Yes, Fiji is a small countries … But it is a country and home for almost 1 million people. Nothing wrong to care about it a little bit.

Sustainable development goals sounds big, but every single goal of all those 17 need to be actioned on here in Fiji. Of course it’s not easy and for most of the 17 goals we are still not clear how to tackle them. If it would be easy than already the 8 millennium goals would have solved the world’s biggest problem … Poverty.

Do you want to help or you want to ignore the urge of doing something about it? I know for myself that I won’t stop nagging about it. Although I’m not perfect, neither is my family. But we talk about things at home, we try to change our habits. We fail and we get up again. We have nothing to lose by trying, because we know if we don’t do anything, nothing will change.

Where to start? Just ask question, be curious. Don’t wait until someone tell you what to do … Take the initiative! You can only learn from … And this hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Peace out and I see you around!

Don’t even think it comes easy to me to get up and speak. I’m scared to be told off, to be ridiculed, to not know the answer, to be questioned … But I do it anyway, because I care.

Sharing is caring

PL4L81kOh man, how much I love walking through the markets on a Thursday morning here in Lautoka. Watermelon, pineapple, Indian spices, lettuce and so much more. Breakfast just right on front of me!
Things have changed for me when it comes to fruits. I still remember we felt so special when we had bananas when I was a child. Oranges for Christmas was really something special. The banana was divided in 3 even pieces and shared between my parents and myself. Oranges and mandarines we peeled with love and care not to waste any juice. Same for watermelon, it was just so special.
Times have changed in Germany, but also we as human beings have moved on. Living now in Fiji is like living in paradise for me when it comes to fruits. Bananas are available all year around and they are still as mother nature made them. No artificial ripeners, flavor enhancer or some seedlessness. In Australia I already enjoyed the abundance of fruits, but still too much artificial influence during the growth process.
The sharing of fruits as I have mentioned above is a memory of my childhood I will never forget and I’m so grateful to my parents that I could have this luxury to learn and experience this.
Food in general is a hot topic for me. I believe nature has provided us with enough food, it’s just that humans became greedy and wanted food faster or someone wanted different food to be different (someone better) to everyone else.
I’m sure I will keep talking about this topic many more times, but I’m reaching work now.

Forgot my mandarines today 🙁

Peace out!

nothing beats fresh fish in lolo

it’s healthy and all home grown, kumala with boiled fish in lolo (coconut milk) … so yummy and done quickly (at least when done by my hubby).

Food here in Fiji has been a big issue for me, as people just love to eat meat, be it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am still strong with my mind and try to find my way around as a vegetarian. What I really enjoy is eating all these fruits, as it looks like no one else is eating them. And also, they are not accounted for being a meal anyway.

So in our fridge you will find next to fried fish, some fruit salad and minced beef

where are all the fruits and veggies?

Chow noodles
Noodles in Fiji

I guess living now 6 months in Fiji, I can have some kind of opinion about the availability of food here. Being vegetarian and up to 80% raw foodist, I have to admit it is hard to eat healthy in Fiji.

The supermarkets don’t offer anything on fresh fruits or veggies. I am not asking for shiny big blown up fruits, where I know they are GM’ed. You know, the stuff you get in Coles and Wooly’s in Australia 😉 Apples, oranges and grapes are imported from New Zealand and are prices accordingly. 🙁

The fruits offered by farmers fresh on the markets are (depending on season):

  • bananas
  • pineapples
  • watermelon
  • pawpaw
  • mangoes
  • lemon

The veggies offered by farmers fresh:

  • eggplant
  • pumpkin
  • Chinese lettuce
  • lettuce
  • beans
  • some other green (sry, don’t know the name)
  • okra
  • coriander (main herb they use)
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • cabbage

Potatoes, onions and garlic you buy usually in the supermarket. A standard household has in the shelves the following items:

  • breakfast crackers and wheetbix for breakfast,
  • noodles (plenty)
  • flour (in buckets)
  • rice (in buckets)
  • bread loaf(s)
  • butter
  • milk powder
  • potatoes

I have to admit, I have seen plenty kitchens, but hardly any kitchen stocks fruits or veggies. And that was not the picture I had from Fiji. To keep up with my nutrition I really have to adapt and find my way through. I am looking for simple raw food recipes and I need to start ask the farmers, what else they can bring to the market.

My options would be, that I start to grow things in my own garden, but where to find the seed LOL ? I also need to create some kind of demand, then maybe the farmers will bring more variety to the market, like cauliflower, broccoli. I really do miss mushrooms.  I should look at very simple raw food recipes first, and not the fancy ones where u need ingredients I have never heard of.

I am not giving up that easily, but I have to admit … I had too much of these noodles 😀

Oh, Fijian eat too sweet and drink too sweet …. BUT the sugar they use here is non-refined sugar. And that’s the sugar they use in the ice-cream as well … soooo yummy! No Almond Magnum can compete with a simple Choc-attack LOL 😀