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Au kila na vosa vakaviti

miffy7_normalIo, au kila na vosa vakaviti. I speak Fijian. Nikua na ikava ni Julai, Vakarauwai.
On my way to work again, half day only but still. Love what I’m doing, but it always feels like I leave my two boys behind.
Even last night I did some work at home and tonight will be the same. Too much deadlines before I go on leave.

The last blog posts are pretty boring. Seems like I’ve got nothing to say. I’m still struggling to put my thoughts into words. My head seems to be full of stuff and I’m worried to lose part of it. But when I want to put it down, nothing. Hard to say, can’t put it in words.will see how I go next week.

Peace out!

Six days left

6ddb44c872c453a71105c835788292a2c495d1fcKavica ni siga nikua? Na ikatolu ni Julai.

  • Au a lako. – I went.
  • Au na lako. – I will go.
  • Au rui lila. – I’m too thin.
  • Au raica mada? – I see it please?
  • Eda tamata kece. – we are all human.

Plenty of things to do, at work and at home. We won’t be perfectly prepared, but the main things are done. Feel like day dreaming today. But I better get my project list sorted.
Love my boys!

Peace out!

More numbers

fijian numbers 3d coverDua, rua, tolu, va, lima, ono, vitu, walu, ciwa, tini … Yeah, I got it! Let’s do 11-20.

  • 11-tinikadua
  • 12-tinikarua
  • 13-tinikatolu
  • 14-tinikava
  • 15-tinikalima
  • 16-tinikaono
  • 17-tinikavitu
  • 18-tinikawalu
  • 19-tinikaciwa
  • 20-ruasagavulu

So far so good. The words can only get longer from here 😉 I should also start using these numbers in my daily conversations.
Man, the minibus driver was fast today, I’m already at work.

Sorry for the short post … Writing Fijian is still something else!

Love my boys …. Peace out!