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Go with the mind or the money

We saw yesterday in a Fijian supermarket some new products they will introduce into the local market here … Sauces where you just add water and you are ready to go. Personally I think it’s a huge market, because it’s new, easy, fast and it’s add to the variety of food. But my mind is fighting … These small bags of powdered sauce is full of ingredients which name you can hardly pronounce or are hidden behind some numbers. Chemicals you put into your body. I always spoke against them and praised homemade stuff. But I also understand the time and money side. Is it laziness? Maybe … So it’s up to you and your priorities in life. You either take the time and get all the ingredients and cook the sauce yourself or you get the bags, add water and you spent more time with your children. What to do?

This how I would decide:
– in what mood am I?
– is baby covered or does he needs my full attention?
– are all ingredients available?

I love my family and I want just the best for them. So, I will go with how I feel.

Peace out … Baby is calling 😉

nothing beats fresh fish in lolo

it’s healthy and all home grown, kumala with boiled fish in lolo (coconut milk) … so yummy and done quickly (at least when done by my hubby).

Food here in Fiji has been a big issue for me, as people just love to eat meat, be it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am still strong with my mind and try to find my way around as a vegetarian. What I really enjoy is eating all these fruits, as it looks like no one else is eating them. And also, they are not accounted for being a meal anyway.

So in our fridge you will find next to fried fish, some fruit salad and minced beef

yeah vegetarian but

indian food
Not how we have been served, but close 🙂

Two days ago our landlord invited us to join their prayer session. I might have to mention that our landlord is FBI – Fiji born Indian 😉 and Hindu, like probably all our neighbours here. As my hubby had to leave for his job, it was on me. Cowardly, I was hiding in our flat, but I still could hear the family and friends doing their prayer session in Hindi. ( I am not shy, just introvert as you know from my previous post). I was definitely out of my comfort zone, when the landlord came a bit later and literally picked me up. I’ve told him, that I don’t speak Hindi, but he said, oh the women inside do speak English. So, there we went.

I went inside and his two daughters politely gave me a seat and some entrees, sweet and savoury ones. Taste was yummy, but hey … there is only so much sweetness a human being can handle I thought. And the savoury ones, hot and spicy, absolutely fine with me … but do you really need to prepare them in that much oil? Despite that no one spoke English, I caught some words here and there and it was unavoidable to notice the topic was about school and half the room was filled with teachers. The new term starts tomorrow. It just confirmed that Indian’s are made for white-collar jobs, right? 😉

Back to the food topic. A bit later they served lunch and the oldest daughter kind of warned me that the family is vegetarian. I kindly confirmed that I am vegetarian too, to a degree. I really appreciated all the different things they have served, but I can only eat that much you know. I love how Indian’s spice these foods up, I really do and I appreciate it that I could experience it. But all that oil! Too much for my body and my system … it kindly rejected the food just half an hour later.

6 months in Fiji and I am still struggling with nutrition here. At the moment I feel quite malnourished, seriously. How can you eat healthy here? I really need to switch on my creative side of the brain and find a way to eat healthy that also fits my budget. I don’t want my limited budget limit my health … or is that the actual obstacle? Something to think about!

new start

Another year is gone and what kind of journey it has been. I am just saying that because actually nothing I had planned for 2013 actually became true. Why? I don’t know. Things happen for a reason. You meet new people for a reason, you burn bridges for a reason.

Do I make plans now for 2014? Yes, sure, I have some ideas what I would like to achieve this year, but I have different expectations.

One of the plans I have is to turn my passion for fitness and health into a money-making activity. When I love what I do, then it’s just not a job anymore, right? I just finished my Cert III for Fitness in Australia and I am officially now allowed to instruct people. Personally I want to get back into my old fitness state. That will be quite a challenge as the options here in Fiji are just not the same as back in Brisbane, especially when it comes to food. It looks like I might have to start my own little garden just to have some herbs available throughout the year. The goal is to eat healthy myself and then show others that there are options to eat healthy and hopefully open their minds to healthy eating behaviour! But there is so much more to that.

First I need to walk my own talk … so back to the street to run and back on with the boxing gloves. And watch out for these injuries!!! I better leave them with the old year … that means behind me 😉

I quickly want to share this video. First of all I have to admit I thought Kiwi’s (people of New Zealand) were called Kiwi’s because of the fruit Kiwi … but I got taught better 🙂 Secondly I want to share this small animation with you, because it shows in a nice way that you can achieve anything, just put your mind into it, go and get it … even when it is the last thing you do, as long as it feels right for you and you don’t hurt anyone.


No trust in mother nature’s fruits

I have to admit I had a quite a bad week when it came to food, but I still had mainly oranges, bananas and mandarins. And I had nice green salads with avocados and baked sweet potatoes in the evenings though. Everything you need when it comes to winter in Australia. However, I still had quite some chocolate and other “treats” this weeks. Feeling bad now calling them treats, as they do more damage to my body than good. It was emotional eating. But at least I’m aware of it.
Another challenge was the business trip to Sydney this weekend. Love flying, but I preferred this time to sleep, as I could feel a cold coming up. (Revenge of my body to all the so-called treats?)
For lunch we went to a nicer kind of pub and I ordered Nasi Goreng with prawns. This way I could avoid the meat part and still have my seafood. Love sea food 🙂 I don’t know, maybe I should not order an Asian dish in a pub, but that was more risotto than Nasi Goreng. A fried egg on top of it. No familiar Asian herbs, quite taste less. The first thing I ate was the little bit of green they put on the plate. I finished it, silly habit I grew up with, but nothing special and overpriced. Then I looked around me, everyone had eaten their chips and meat but left the green part. Why that? Oh, it’s rabbit food. Seriously? So, the woman in front of me pointed out, that she even wouldn’t classify half of it as salad as she didn’t know what it was. One of them was spinach by the way.
We trust chips that had been fried in some kind of oil and dead meat more than fruits of Mother Nature? When did that happen?
The finger food that had been provided at the evening party was nothing special either. Nice venue … But yeah, I’m not that much into partying and alcohol. But I expected something better from Sydney.
This whole food issue just keeps me thinking. How easy do we grab processed food and don’t even think about what it is or should be. It can’t be labelled basic food, as it has been processed by human hands. More machines, but I don’t want to go there, at least not in this post. Basic food should be fruits and veggies as provided by nature. Can’t get easier than that.
But people leave the “green stuff” on the plate as it is used as decoration.

I don’t know what it is. I can’t really come up with a solution, but maybe it makes you think about it for a bit. I just needed to get it out of my head, so there is more space again for other stuff 😉

You can bring a horse to the water ….

The zebra got it :)
The Zebra got it 😉

… but you can’t make it drink.

This is so true in many areas in life. Today I attended a meeting at the “Raw Food & Healthy Living” Community Group. Rado and his team have the right mind set and they always attract interesting people. What I like is that we see always new people attending these kind of events, but I also see familiar faces every time I go there.

We are now in the Information Age, so lack of information is definitely not a valid excuse anymore. But how can we make more people being aware of that they are responsible of their health and not the government. I guess we could put hundreds of books in front of them, give them plenty of power point presentations or show them x amount of dramatic videos … in the end they have to make the decision themselves whether they care about themselves or not.

Why is it not obvious to them? Don’t they have common sense? Again, what is obvious to me, doesn’t have to be obvious to someone else. I know, it is a big surprise and it took me a while until I understood and accepted it. Still, there are moments when I could bang my head against the wall or on the keyboard 😉

It is great to have the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thoughts and all this stuff. But it is not ok, when people have to pay for other people who give a s**t about themselves. Disease is a burden not only for the person who has the disease, but also for the people who have to take care of you now.

I am really looking forward to the day, when people will finally wake up and take responsibility of their own well-being. I know, it is easy to blame others, and I am guilty of that as well. But always remember … you are what you eat.

It’s time to eat

What is your healthy eating rhythm?
Let your body tell you when to eat!

… says who or what?

It’s time … people check the time and notice that it is already past 12pm. For some reason, that means food time for most of us.Why?

When we are born we tell our mums when we are hungry, because we can’t read the watch yet? Our tiny body tells us in different ways that we need to eat. The same works in the adult state, believe it or not. Symptoms are rumbling stomach or dizziness. As an adult you normally have enough energy in you, so you can survive around 2-3 days without food.

Having a time set for food input, makes a human more suitable for the system. Then we can define working hours precisely down to the minute and the system tells you when to eat.

Have you ever actually forgotten to eat? I did. We see teens and adults, spending hours in front of the computer playing games. You can easily go 24hours without food. And we actually forget time. Don’t you remember as a kid you were playing and having fun and suddenly your mum is calling you in for dinner or lunch? How interrupting is that .. you are just having fun. And you are not hungry anyway. We can’t blame our parents, they want the best for us.

A healthy eating rhythm is given by Mother Nature. The demand of energy is different every day and there are plenty of other things influencing your mood, energy and attitude. We live now in a society where food is available 24/7. Why not grabbing some nuts when you feel you need a snack? Yes, our days are busy and scheduled down to the minute. Just be aware of what you eat when. Are you really hungry? If not … have just a snack. But in general keeps the portions small.