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it feels so good

Yesterday, Friday, I could feel the Wednesday training … OMG my glutes. I did something … I can feel that. And Friday’s program should have been the actual leg program … might have to re-structure that, but let’s finish this week first. The run in the morning was really good, tough but good. I really hope I can keep doing that and I am not falling off again.

So, Friday’s program was:

  • Straight leg deadlift
  • bodyweight squat
  • DB Clean (Power)
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • Reverse Calf Raise
  • Bodyweight Deadlift, single leg

Unfortunately, the lower back kicked in during the straight leg deadlift, but a day later I am all good again. That just means keep going with the stretching 🙂 . The DB Clean exercise was too complex and also doing it with water bottles instead of real DB’s didn’t help. Maybe too light or something, but it just felt wrong. I might stick to simple exercises first. So I better take this exercise out otherwise I get grumpy again.

I guess this weekend nothing will happen fitness wise. Sunday will be the regular rest day and Saturday has been f**ked up by surprise guests turning up 😉

Back on Monday then

it’s all for the good

ouch ... my glutesouch, ouch, ouch … my glutes and my abs. After 2 days? Really? Anyway, feels like I hit some hot spots … finally I can adjust my workouts. Also happy that my lower back is not complaining, however still doing my daily stretches!

So, today morning walk and jog again. The number of light poles I can pass is increasing! What sucks is that I really have to kick myself to get started … still too tired! Blame the weather, the country or myself? The 10 burpees at the end are not really rewarding.

Today’s program was shoulders. My shoulders are generally strong built already, so my aim is more to keep them as they are and improve their mobility, which would be rotation. So I have looked into different kind of exercises. Not convinced yet, but here is the list:

  • DB Fly, rear delt
  • Shoulder press single DB
  • DB scarecrow
  • Upright row DB
  • Lying rear delt raise DB
  • Shoulder Press DB sitting

I finished 3 rounds happily, but had to decrease the weight for the scarecrow.

So, tomorrow thighs and calves … that will be interesting. especially with my weaker righter foot. I guess, I just need to keep moving. 🙂

in pain but still moving

I was not a happy chick this morning when I woke up and noticed that all the pain in the back moved from the tailbone to the right glut, or at least somewhere in that area.

First thing, riding my bike to the gym was a challenge, but probably a good training for my hammies. I was that slow, that I had only 30 minutes for the workout left. I knew that I won’t be able to do the whole program anyway, so I just did what I thought would be good.

  • Massage with the foam role … relaxing the chest, as I might have used it during the bike ride. Again left glute and right abductor only to stick to the plan. The DB matrix … what a mess. Twisting the hip in the right angle ok, but don’t ask for the bend over … PAIN. When I used my arms to support my back, no problem, but as soon as I removed my arms . Not funny. So I did only 2 rounds of that and took it very easy, but at least I moved a bit.
  • Leg curls again with 20kg …. no problem, I can feel that I have worked my hammies in the last couple of days. between the sets I tried to swing the legs to see what range I could do, as I don’t really understand where the pain comes from. Swinging the left leg was quite limited as I could feel the pain in the left flutes. 
  • Couldn’t resist to do the triple threat, as my only hope were today really my hammies 😀

So, I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s session with Daina again, as we will review the program and after that I will give it another shot at the Dance Bootcamp … so stay tuned.