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Emptying the mind

One of my resolutions for this year was to write on my blog on a daily basis. Why I did come up with this? I’m a person who thinks a lot and does most of the talking inside. I even hold my baby boy in my arms and talk to him in my mind. But I should talk to him through my mouth, so he actually can hear my voice. I don’t think he can read my mind. That’s a good assumption, isn’t it? Even my husband needs to remind me from time to time that I should talk to him. And I think, “I do”, but then I notice that I just talk to him in my mind.
My mind is very busy. Also, I’m not used to have people around me being a single child and most of the time during the last 10-15 years I lived by myself.
Finally I am aware of that and I definitely want to change that. Surely I will keep some stuff for myself, or work-related issue stay at work and family issues stay in the family. But what I want to do is to empty my mind if possible and appropriate using the blog and/or Facebook. Then I can focus on talking to my son and my husband. I can talk about that matters to them and myself.
However, I’m obviously not consistent, as I had planned to do that on a daily basis. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it and I think that is ok. I like writing down my ideas and thoughts. It’s not really about sharing them, it’s more about getting them out of my head.
Today was one of those days where it just didn’t happen as planned. But now, in the evening hours, I still try to squeeze something out of my brain cells as lot of things are going on, work and family-wise. Therefore you might see some post that don’t really have a story, meaning or sense. I believe it is kind of a habit. So if I just keep going the writings will make more sense and hopefully something will come out of all this effort.

Does that make sense?

Good night and peace out!

I will show you how great I am

Do you remember who said that? Right, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, aka Muhammed Ali. His famous “trash talks” before the actual fight played a very important role. The hardest part of a fight is not in the ring, it’s the time you spent before the fight.

The “trash talks” are part of the mental training. I guess the art of “trash talk” is really to “impress” the person in front of you. Unfortunately, most people use “trash talks” against themselves. It is not about being mean to someone. “Trash talks” are about showing self-confidence, showing that you are ready to win that fight or any other challenge you are confronted with.

Since the movie “The Secret” came out, I am sure everyone is aware of what affirmations are. Sentences you are saying to yourself to influence your subconsciousness. To do affirmations right, you should follow the following 5 points:

  • Use positive words
  • Use present tense
  • Use first person (I or we)
  • Be detailed
  • Use emotions, tone and energy

Imagine how you can impress your opponent by saying affirmations out loud. Sounds like “trash talk? I would say so.

  • I will show you how great I am.
  • I am a leader and I am making it with or without you.
  • I am successful.

Muhammed Ali is now a legend. Who are you right now? My trash talk for you is

I know what I am capable of, watch the space! I am ready to do what it takes to succeed.

Sounds big? It is, and for myself to putting it out like this, I have to be accountable now. The people I am working with know more details. You want to know more? Get inĀ  contact with me now!

I am out of my comfort zone, where are you?

6 ways to make people like you

Social Media had made it more easy to create a network of people around you. However, I guess everyone agrees on that, the quality of the network is an important factor as well. Especially when you want to utilize the people in the network. There is a lot of sorting and filtering to do.

What if you could qualify people before they become part of your network? How can you make people like you as a human being?

I am currently testing the following 6 points, to increase my network, to maybe become more social and have the right people around me. Let’s join me on the 31 days challenge.

  1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
    • My first hurdle. I am more interested in books, science and technology. I haven’t realized yet the potential in knowing other people and maybe leveraging of this. Note to myself … ask people I meet and see on a daily basis, what they are actually doing, if they like what they are doing and what they are planning next weekend. Just general things, there might something come up that you have in common.
  2. Smile.
    • Oh man, some people are really born with the smile in their face. It comes so natural … I feel like that didn’t happen for me. šŸ˜‰ Task for the next week for me is to monitor myself when I don’t smile. Create some mind snippets that make you smile. As soon when you realize you should better smile, think of this snippet.
  3. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
    • Repeating the name of a person 3 times after you’ve heard it the first time, makes you actually remember the person more easily. Maybe we can try to swap mate or buddy for the actual name of the person. šŸ˜‰
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
    • People love to talk about themselves. For a person like me, who is not that talkative, this task is easy. Just listen and acknowledge. How are you doing with this one?
  5. Talk in terms of other person’s interest.
    • That is a bit challenging when you have no clue what the person is talking about or you don’t have any interest in it. What to do? Don’t close down … repeat what the person said in a different way. You might learn something and the person sees that you are interested in him/her.
  6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.
    • Acknowledge what the person is saying. You might even add something that make the people more comfortable around you, because you “click” with them. Ask them question about their interest and you will their eyes sparkling.

I guess there is a lot we can do to learn more about the other person without asking too personal questions and make them feel uncomfortable. Let’s see how we go in the first week … feel free to comment on your progress! šŸ™‚



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!

Update: It has been pointed out several times now that the 6 points are from the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I haven’t read this book yet, but I found the six points in an unreferenced report. I apologize, if I have offended someone. It was not my intention to make the impression that the 6 points have been “discovered” by myself.

Persistence and Consistency

Two magic words. How did we learn to walk? We saw people walking, actually everyone we saw was walking. We knew it was doable and achievable. Tips and tricks from our parents were not helpful, they don’t remember how it is to not be able to walk, so what? Persistence and consistency, falling back on the bump, grabbing anything that kept us upright, again, again and again. So we know what we can achieve through persistence and consistency, however when we grow up, we listen more and more to our parents, teachers and other people around us. We hear things like “You can’t do that”, “No one has done it in our family, why do you think you can do that?” or “What’s the point?”. Most of the time we give up or don’t even try to start to work on our idea.

You have to decide who you are listening to. Do you want to be like your parents and like your friends? Then listen to them. Or do you want to live like Richard Branson, Dr John F Demartini, Donald Trump and Will Smith? Then I would suggest you to listen to them. Read about them and attend their seminars. These people are sharing their experience for a reason, to show that everything is possible in life.

I just attended a seminar with Dr John F Demartini yesterday. Just listen to his story, how he achieved to live the lifestyle he has now …. your eyes will be watering and you will look at your life differently. I am quoting John here:

ā€ŽAnd if somebody says you can’t do it, you fucking can!

F.U.C.K. stands for Future Understanding of Conscious Knowledge! šŸ˜‰

Everyone can achieve his or her dreams, you just need to work on it, step by step. Work on it persistently and consistently. The will to change your life will make you get up on the morning. Turn it into a habit and soon you will see the change happening.



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!

How do you read?

Since I have put the TV in the storage area, I have plenty more time to do some reading. However, it still feels like I don’t have enough time. Anyway, I discovered that I need a specificĀ environmentĀ to read. Don’t you hate when I just started to read a good book and you need something to drink. Do you wait till the chapter is finished or do you interrupt the reading to rescue yourself? How about a skype message you heard popping up in the background … are you curious enough to check or are you one with the book and stick to it?

Here are my requirements I need to have the “perfect” reading environment:

  • No talking in the background … that includes Personal Development audios
  • Music without lyrics … otherwise I start listening to the text
  • enough water … or I am running every 10min to get something to drink
  • MacBook far away from me … or I am browsing
  • Notepad next to me so I can take notes as soon as I have ideas
Of course the situation will never be perfect, but I can commit myself to at least some of these points.
I also find out that most of the thing I am reading, not a lot stays with me unfortunately. So I have to re-read a lot of things. That’s one reason why I amĀ hesitatingĀ to start speed-reading.
My “To-Read”-folder on the Mac is huge … so many ebooks and whitepapers to read. How can I prioritise them? The filename is most of the time not really of help, therefore I am force to open it anyway. My pile of hardcopy books is not small either. But I guess, everyday a bit and I get through the mountain šŸ˜‰
And what do you think about reading several books at the same time. I just noticed today, that I have four unfinished books, so I quickly finished one today. Why can’t I stick to one at the time?
How do you read?

A 30-days assignment

Do you have the discipline to complete a 30 days assignment?

Imagine you get 10 tasks to do on a daily basis, which will train you to become a better person. The individual tasks don’t take too much of your time.

Personally I see as a change in habits, as it is known a change of habit takes around 30 days, assuming you work on the changes on a daily basis.

I got very excited at the beginning, we finally got a kind of a procedure to get closer to our goals. It can’t be that hard, can it? šŸ˜‰ First week, man you should have seen me. On Fire …

But no results. I was surprised to see me slowing down. Since when am I so into immediate gratification? Is that a human thingy? I really love how Jerry Clark explains this issue:

Simple disciplines on a regular basis for a long time will turnĀ uncomfortableness into final comfortableness. Simple error in judgements on a regular basis for a long time will turn comfortableness into final uncomfortableness.

You do the interpretation for yourself, as this can be applied to many areas of life.

I am currently in the last week of our 30-days assignment and no, I was not consistent. Do I have excuses? Maybe.

  • Not enough time
  • not enough money
  • I am too young
  • I don’t know anyone
  • … and so on
All of these excuses are not valid. Because, how strongly do you really want to change your life? Would you do whatever it costs and whatever it takes? Is your current situation not frightening enough? Do we need an even worse situation to move? We are far too comfortable in our situation, as it seems far to hard to change.
Wake up .. it is now or never. Don’t lose you fighter spirit. You deserver a better life … go and get it.