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mixed emotions

Thoughts of the day (edited):

  • inspired
  • keep moving, do the boring parts and then do the excited things, don’t lose track
  • write everything down you are doing … she will come back later at some point and want the details!
  • Mixed emotions

Yeah, I love those days when you are motivated in the morning. And even better when this feeling last throughout the day. The art is to keep it at that level, no matter what comes your way. And there are days it works and days where it not works. To master that kind of art you need an huge amount of willpower and you need to know what you want. With those two ingredients, you could be unstoppable. But surely everyone know how easy it is to slip off the track, to find distraction (are we looking for it in the first place?).

So, why mixed emotions then? I thought about this several times already … when things go well at work, there is a high probability that there are issues at home and vice versa. Maybe that is meant to be the balanced life. But why can’t we have both … feeling good at work and in family? When I come home from work with a good mood, why can’t I keep it up sometimes?

something to think about …

Just adapt

adapt smaller copy2Can you live without your phone, laptop, watch, car, partner or best friend? Things break from time to time, and some things meant to break, especially when the warranty is over! 😜 it’s not the end of the world. After a while we wonder how much we worried about it … But life moved on like nothing happened. It really shows what really matters. 

I left my bestie behind in Australia 2 years ago. Yes, still in contact, but surely I miss the face time with her. No bestie here yet … But life goes on. 

Phone finally died with lots and lots of data and info that were stored only on that phone. Couple of days no phone, then bought a less featured phone and I’m still alive! 

Sometimes I have the impression someone else is living my life. Everything I wanted to do she is doing. Jealous? Kind of … Can’t stop it. What am I gonna do about it? I try to adapt. I will live my life in such a way that I’m steering the wheel towards my goals. My goals are still the same … Little adjustments and corrections needed, but I’m heading there. Some goals I have achieved without noticing or acknowledging them. But it’s the end of the year soon … Time to reflect and adjust. 

I better get back to sleep … It’s 4:27am … Off peak internet only 😜 have to adapt for the rest of the month.

Peace out!

Busy… Yaaar

little-miss-busyStressed? No, just busy with life. Work is fun, at home the boy is happy and husband out fishing. Still plenty of things are planned for this year, workwise and at home.
Having a housegirl or babysitter makes things much easier for me. I just need to implement some kind of routine. I still have my fitness and health goals, I’m not letting those go so easily.
Big mama-son weekend ahead. And we haven’t spoken to Oma & Opa for a while.
Ok, back to work for half a day.
Love my boys!
Peace out!

It’s happening

Another small milestone reached this week, actually two. I’ve got a Fijian driving license for the next 12 month. And we also have now a babysitter for our son. This way Mark can go out fishing and we hopefully can increase our income. But no time to rest, we might move houses in the next couple of weeks.
So there is always something going on. And it is easy to forget yourself in all of it. Personally I have still goals I want to achieve and I will never stop learning. But when to put in the time for that? Sometime I feel like a bad mother not spending enough time with my son. Maybe soon he will be in that age where they don’t want to have anything to do with parents 🙂

Ok reaching work now. Love my boys

Peace out!

What kind of destiny is that?

4afb7376ffaf85cc8c1a163047771b72What kind of journey is that? 2 steps forward and one back. I should keep the faith? For what when the things I love are taken away from me? I wanted a family … Nothing wrong with that, isn’t it? The love is still there and always will … We are just not complete.
Getting upset here about being taught to be an independent woman. You know what, that makes you very lonely. I’m not a people’s person, but I still would love to have someone.
Once again I have to toughen up and fight my way through.

Love my boys!

Peace out

When does resting become a waste of time


Sit down and rest.

very overrated sentence.
You can rest either physically or mentally. Personally, coming back from a whole day at the office, I’m not willing at home to sit down and do nothing. I need my kind of physical exhaustion as well, and be it doing some outstanding housework. But as it seems most people see that differently from me.
I’m then wondering, don’t they have some kind of goals or standards? Why does it seem to me that laziness is taking over their lives? I need my kitchen in a clean state, no matter what time of the day it is. After riding the bus for half an hour, why should I sit down at home? My kegs need to be stressed too, so I keep moving either with my baby boy or somehow else.

Might have to rethink all off this.

Peace out!

A small recap

Happy anniversary to my home country Germany. It has been now 25 years that Germany is reunited. Time flies. History has been made, in a good and bad way.
My now chosen home is Fiji and they celebrate Fiji Day in one week’s time on the 10th of October. It is their 41st anniversary of independence from the UK. (I would celebrate that too) A different history and very different culture.
Here I am, 2015, on my way to a job I actually like. Not many people can say that. At home a husband and a little baby boy, actually not that little anymore. We are all healthy and happy.

Life is happening around and within us, enjoy the ride!

Peace out!