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mixed emotions

Thoughts of the day (edited):

  • inspired
  • keep moving, do the boring parts and then do the excited things, don’t lose track
  • write everything down you are doing … she will come back later at some point and want the details!
  • Mixed emotions

Yeah, I love those days when you are motivated in the morning. And even better when this feeling last throughout the day. The art is to keep it at that level, no matter what comes your way. And there are days it works and days where it not works. To master that kind of art you need an huge amount of willpower and you need to know what you want. With those two ingredients, you could be unstoppable. But surely everyone know how easy it is to slip off the track, to find distraction (are we looking for it in the first place?).

So, why mixed emotions then? I thought about this several times already … when things go well at work, there is a high probability that there are issues at home and vice versa. Maybe that is meant to be the balanced life. But why can’t we have both … feeling good at work and in family? When I come home from work with a good mood, why can’t I keep it up sometimes?

something to think about …

Another usual Saturday morning

On my way to work again … 6 times a week. Yes, lot of people would not do that. I didn’t give myself any other choice. Maybe I’m lucky with the organisation I’ve found. I actually like it there because they just match my values. However, I also think I miss out on my son and hubby. My current compromise is that I try to avoid overtime. This way we know when I’m home and my son can spend some time with his mum.
Today I also will be giving another fitness session. I should start planing for it so I can justify the name “boxercise”.

Peace out!