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busy the right way

Thoughts of the day (edited):
– yeah, it was raining last night, so we don’t need to water the garden
– did my yoga
– yes, I have my black tea in the morning but I also get my banana smoothie, as Mark brought some nice bananas
– bring on the new day … we will make it happen … love my life
– Loved the singing this morning : Sa qai rogo mai na domo
– during meditation I ended up somehow thinking about bloodtransfusion in Munich (Schwabinger Krankenhaus)
– love being busy, I just hope it is the right “being busy”
– Have to get smarter and set up process, especially when it comes to do data analysis … I am doing it the hard way
– Dschungelcamp … really? that is the top news in STERN?
– Novamind: free lite cloud version
– tiiiiiirrreeeeeeed
– those people … no interest in proper formatting
– please … get back on track with R
– yeah, just finished more R-exercise from week 1
– won’t be easy

I was happy to see some rain. It definitely makes things easier for us with those seedlings outline. For my morning routine I would love to have fresh fruits for smoothies, but unfortunately the shop can’t provide every day. One more reason to have them all ready in our own backyard. To wake up I need some kind of carbohydrates, and at the moment it is still black tea with some sugar. Any other choice?

During the day I really have some hyper time, where I feel I’m moving forward. Maybe it’s because of the worship
S we sing in the morning. Love it the Fijian way.

The whole data analysis and data entry process need to be more systemwide do, otherwise it becomes very tidies work. So R comes very handy. Every day one more step in the course. I can see modules coming up I really need for the latest paper.

I’m also trying other tools to free my mind, and the mind mapping tool Novamind comes handy, but also quite a distraction. So I better leave it for the time being.

I don’t mind helping people, but simple formatting should be a standard skill. I need them to look over my shoulder and learn.

Please universe be on my side during hard and easy times, take away all the worry and give me the courage to ask the right questions.

Sleeping time … moce!