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I will show you how great I am

Do you remember who said that? Right, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, aka Muhammed Ali. His famous “trash talks” before the actual fight played a very important role. The hardest part of a fight is not in the ring, it’s the time you spent before the fight.

The “trash talks” are part of the mental training. I guess the art of “trash talk” is really to “impress” the person in front of you. Unfortunately, most people use “trash talks” against themselves. It is not about being mean to someone. “Trash talks” are about showing self-confidence, showing that you are ready to win that fight or any other challenge you are confronted with.

Since the movie “The Secret” came out, I am sure everyone is aware of what affirmations are. Sentences you are saying to yourself to influence your subconsciousness. To do affirmations right, you should follow the following 5 points:

  • Use positive words
  • Use present tense
  • Use first person (I or we)
  • Be detailed
  • Use emotions, tone and energy

Imagine how you can impress your opponent by saying affirmations out loud. Sounds like “trash talk? I would say so.

  • I will show you how great I am.
  • I am a leader and I am making it with or without you.
  • I am successful.

Muhammed Ali is now a legend. Who are you right now? My trash talk for you is

I know what I am capable of, watch the space! I am ready to do what it takes to succeed.

Sounds big? It is, and for myself to putting it out like this, I have to be accountable now. The people I am working with know more details. You want to know more? Get inย  contact with me now!

I am out of my comfort zone, where are you?

6 ways to make people like you

Social Media had made it more easy to create a network of people around you. However, I guess everyone agrees on that, the quality of the network is an important factor as well. Especially when you want to utilize the people in the network. There is a lot of sorting and filtering to do.

What if you could qualify people before they become part of your network? How can you make people like you as a human being?

I am currently testing the following 6 points, to increase my network, to maybe become more social and have the right people around me. Let’s join me on the 31 days challenge.

  1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
    • My first hurdle. I am more interested in books, science and technology. I haven’t realized yet the potential in knowing other people and maybe leveraging of this. Note to myself … ask people I meet and see on a daily basis, what they are actually doing, if they like what they are doing and what they are planning next weekend. Just general things, there might something come up that you have in common.
  2. Smile.
    • Oh man, some people are really born with the smile in their face. It comes so natural … I feel like that didn’t happen for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Task for the next week for me is to monitor myself when I don’t smile. Create some mind snippets that make you smile. As soon when you realize you should better smile, think of this snippet.
  3. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
    • Repeating the name of a person 3 times after you’ve heard it the first time, makes you actually remember the person more easily. Maybe we can try to swap mate or buddy for the actual name of the person. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
    • People love to talk about themselves. For a person like me, who is not that talkative, this task is easy. Just listen and acknowledge. How are you doing with this one?
  5. Talk in terms of other person’s interest.
    • That is a bit challenging when you have no clue what the person is talking about or you don’t have any interest in it. What to do? Don’t close down … repeat what the person said in a different way. You might learn something and the person sees that you are interested in him/her.
  6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.
    • Acknowledge what the person is saying. You might even add something that make the people more comfortable around you, because you “click” with them. Ask them question about their interest and you will their eyes sparkling.

I guess there is a lot we can do to learn more about the other person without asking too personal questions and make them feel uncomfortable. Let’s see how we go in the first week … feel free to comment on your progress! ๐Ÿ™‚



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!

Update: It has been pointed out several times now that the 6 points are from the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I haven’t read this book yet, but I found the six points in an unreferenced report. I apologize, if I have offended someone. It was not my intention to make the impression that the 6 points have been “discovered” by myself.

Persistence and Consistency

Two magic words. How did we learn to walk? We saw people walking, actually everyone we saw was walking. We knew it was doable and achievable. Tips and tricks from our parents were not helpful, they don’t remember how it is to not be able to walk, so what? Persistence and consistency, falling back on the bump, grabbing anything that kept us upright, again, again and again. So we know what we can achieve through persistence and consistency, however when we grow up, we listen more and more to our parents, teachers and other people around us. We hear things like “You can’t do that”, “No one has done it in our family, why do you think you can do that?” or “What’s the point?”. Most of the time we give up or don’t even try to start to work on our idea.

You have to decide who you are listening to. Do you want to be like your parents and like your friends? Then listen to them. Or do you want to live like Richard Branson, Dr John F Demartini, Donald Trump and Will Smith? Then I would suggest you to listen to them. Read about them and attend their seminars. These people are sharing their experience for a reason, to show that everything is possible in life.

I just attended a seminar with Dr John F Demartini yesterday. Just listen to his story, how he achieved to live the lifestyle he has now …. your eyes will be watering and you will look at your life differently. I am quoting John here:

โ€ŽAnd if somebody says you can’t do it, you fucking can!

F.U.C.K. stands for Future Understanding of Conscious Knowledge! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Everyone can achieve his or her dreams, you just need to work on it, step by step. Work on it persistently and consistently. The will to change your life will make you get up on the morning. Turn it into a habit and soon you will see the change happening.



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!

Passion can be heard

Wealth creation seminars have been around now for a little while. Maybe after attending 10 of them, you might have discovered a common pattern. There are good and bad ones. You might have even found the solution to your problems and you did the necessary steps to grow your business or yourself.

One word that always comes up and is highly related with becoming wealthy is Passion. If you follow your passion, the money will come. Sure, there are still some missing parts, but over all that is a fair statement. I would put it this way: Ifย  what you do is your passion, things seems to be a bit easier.

In the last couple of years, I was looking for my passion. The question is how do you do that? How can you find your passion? There is no clear answer to it, because it will be different for everyone.

I wished sometimes I could see and hear myself. That I could step out of myself, so I can find out how I look like and how I act like when I am doing something I love to do. I have learnt a lot about myself and what I love to do in the last couple of months. It surprises me that things we got told when we were a child, still affect us 20 or 30 years later.

I slowly start to realize and accept a part in me, that has been suppressed all my life. On several occasions I discovered myself in enjoying a process. I loved sharing my knowledge. I could feel it, because I felt comfortable doing it. Sure I am still stumbling, but because I know the subject and I feel it is important to be shared, I don’t care that my English is not perfect. I might be actually passionate about it.

You also will notice the feedback you get from other people. Because passion can be heard. When something is done with heart, people will receive it there. People will listen and want more. Observe yourself and others. How comfortable do you feel when sharing your story or business? Is it your talking or someone else?

Now, when I am scheduled to talk, I am more than happy to do so. I am proud that I reached this state in my business. I expanded my comfort zone. Time now to crack the next challenge.

How did you find your passion or are you still looking?

When do you start to believe in yourself?

When do you start do believe in yourself? Do you wait for approval from others? Do you wait till people tell you that they are proud of you? Do you wait until you can see results?

For most of the things we want to achieve, we can’t see or feel the results mostly until we have done 90% of the work and the rest is just polishing. But how many people give already up when they have only done 10% of the work? Expecting immediate results is as unrealistic as getting obese overnight. It builds up slowly over a long time period, but eat every day a little bit too much of the wrong food and I promise you obesity in 5 to 10 years. (maybe it is not the best example, but people want to lose weight overnight without realizing that it took them a while to actually reach that state)
Or even more sad, people give up when 89% has been done. They have the impression nothing is moving, there is nothing they can show for. And unfortunately we trust other people’s opinion more than our own guts. And after so long you start to doubt and listen to others. You have worked hard already for so long but you just can’t see the success around the next corner.

When you start believing in yourself, then there is no doubt that you will reach your goal. You don’t need to be motivated because you are inspired enough from within. Give yourself the patience and persistence to keep going, no matter what. It is not easy, but doing one little step everyday towards your goal is simple.

Do you have friends or family who don’t want you to succeed, because it would mean for them to get out of their comfort zone too? You are the first person who has to believe in your dreams, no one else. You don’t need confirmation or permission from others, you just need to believe in yourself.

The Genius in You

Dr John Demartini made a great statements in one of his books called “Breakthrough Experience”.

Our own soul is the ultimate guardian spirit, and a genius is one who listens to their soul and obeys

Unfortunately most people are listening to the outer voice. We listen more to other people’s opinion, systems and expectations and we are trying hard to fit in. This results in lack of motivation, procrastination, fights and dislikes.

What is it, that keeps us so small and obeying to others instead to ourselves? Are we scared to speak up? Is the social pressure that big? What do we have to lose?

When can we all start to acknowledge the genius in us? Now? But … there is no but. You have been put here on Earth for a reason. You have been given a talent, so master it. The only limit you have is time, the time being here on Earth. Don’t waste your time following a system set up by others. Don’t try to be like them … even you might reach a similar level, you won’t be happy, because that is not you, the real you.

Start to love yourself, acknowledge your soul’s message and your life will be fulfilled.

I like reading Demartini’s book and I already attended a couple of his events here in Brisbane. In the video below we even got the opportunity to get John to send our team a message.

My homework is now to release my genius. I have it like everyone else has it. However, something isย suppressingย it. What are your dislikes and likes? Where do you think are your skills? I don’t mean the skills on your Resume, I mean the skills given to you when you were placed here in Earth. What’s your purpose?



After every high comes a low

Ying and Yang
The perfect balance

That was my BS (that stands for Belief System, and not what you thought ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) which I now try to change.

You have days when you just feel awesome. Everything works as planned and maybe even better. Opportunities come your way and the world loves you. You are the happiest human being on Earth and you don’t understand why other people are so grumpy, moody and pessimistic.

And then you have days where just nothing works. It takes you hours for writing an email. You do everything else instead of the things on your to-do list. You don’t attend meetings and the whole day just feels like wasted. And it is.

I observed for myself that after days of happiness I crashed and my self-confidence sunk lower than allowed. I was getting very annoyed by all this up and down, as I didn’t see it on other people. So I decided to not to get too excited about things anymore. I acknowledged it, but you wouldn’t see me jumping around with a big smile in my face. This way I was sure that I wouldn’t fall down too deep. It would cost me too much energy to get myself up again.

However, that is not the ultimate solution either. Through personal development I have learned 2 things:

  1. Don’t take things too personal. When people put you down, acknowledge it and remember it is just their perception. They reflect their world and problems on you. It is nothing to do with you. There is no reason to be down after that and no reason to lose self-confidence. For all things that happen to you 10% are out of your control and 90% are just how you react. You decide if you are angry, upset, depressed or moody. Only you decide how you want to spend your day. Make it worth it!
  2. Acknowledge that life is not about happiness. Happiness is only one side of it and you don’t want to miss 50% of your life, do you? Life is about experience. I got this from Dr John Demartini. We can’t live without sadness in life. There is always Ying and Yang, up and down, north and south. You can’t have only one side of a magnet.

The change of habit I am working on in the moment is really to control my emotions. The acknowledgement of good and bad is very important to be balanced in life. When things don’t work out as they should, find the things that are currently great in life. When the job is very annoying, you will find yourself in a happy relationship. There is always something that balances out the bad things, but also the good things. This way you don’t get too cocky but neither to low in self-confidence.

Are you trying to be happy in life or did you find the right balance?

Three critical factors for achieving success

Although many businesses and organizations are using project or task management tools, still a high number of projects continue to fail. Michael Krigsman is doing research on why in particular IT projects are failing. His main conclusion, I think, can be applied in other areas as well. For me personally, having a weakness in people skills, the three factors are the main driving forces for human connections. and to give myself a lesson I will investigate communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


It still hurts me when people tell me that they don’t understand my English because of my German accent. And then I’m wondering, who in Australia has no accent? Anyway, unfortunately I am using this as an excuse to not to talk to people. Yes, it is tiring to speak English 24/7/365 when English is not native to you. Therefore, I will shut down after a while of extensive talking and listening. But in reality it is more my shyness and low confidence that lead me to turn into an introvert person. People who know me well, will agree that I can talk especially when I am in my flow. I have chosen to live a life full of challenges so I am permanently out of my comfort zone. Am doing all this so I have more opportunities later to be in my flow ๐Ÿ˜‰
Communicate with as many people as possible, be interested in what they are doing. You will be surprised how much sometimes you have in common with a complete stranger. And you never know who they might know ๐Ÿ˜‰


Basic Math 1 + 1 = 3
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Teamwork hasn’t been my strength either. But I also believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or in other words 1+1 > 2. Simple as that. You get more done when you work in a team. We have to admit that we can’t be perfect in everything, however we are still trying to do write reports, build our own website and fix the car ourselves.

‘Collaborate’ comes from the Latin verb collaborare, where col means ‘together’ and laborare means ‘to work’. Yes, your colleague should be your friend and team mate, because you are playing together in the same league ๐Ÿ˜‰

As I have learned that perfection is hindering progress, I am trying now to achieve excellence. You can achieve excellence in a team, but not perfection according to the saying Too many cooks spoil the broth. And how can a team work properly? Communication, yes, talk to each other to know what’s each other’s strength and weakness. Envy and jealousy have nothing to do in a team. Teamwork is not a competition. It’s better to leverage of each other. It’s more fun to win as a team than just you alone.

Sharing knowledge

If you don’t share what you know you will soon be a very isolated person, trust me. Your brain is working 24/7, you have thoughts and ideas. Put them down somewhere, so you don’t actually forget them again. How can you share your knowledge? Here just some ideas:

  • Write a blog
  • Social media such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Write a book or an article
  • You can sell your knowledge
  • You can give away your knowledge for free
  • Create audios or videos where you share your story

It sounds all too difficult for you? Look at Stephen Hawkins, the physicist and cosmologist from Cambridge. He is completely paralysed due to the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). He can’t speak neither move and therefore is bound to a wheelchair, which he actually bumped into me back in 2004 in Cambridge ๐Ÿ™‚ Stephen is a freaking genius and there are even ways for him to share his knowledge. How would you feel not being able to express anything in words, mimic or other movements. Scary!

Back to the actual topic of this blog post … achieving success. Mastering the three above mentioned factors will definitely give you a plus in your business. Are you having any challenges with these three skills? Share ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

Talk soon!



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!