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Stir raw fried

Stir fried the raw way
Stir fried the raw way

The latest newsletter from Raw-Pleasure inspired me again to try something new from the raw food world. The challenge around this time is that it is winter and being a German you expect something warm. But I have learned to eat chilli and ginger to a degree and it has the same warming effect as a hot chicken soup 😉

The suggested preparation time of 15min … man … I doubled that. Maybe it is me being over-focused to not cut my fingers. The taste is yummy and it is very filling … thumbs up for this recipe. Check out the video … Jennie from Raw Pleasure does an awesome job.

Ingredients and Procedure


Blizz balls – my way

Health is for me a hot topic, but for more than a year now I am more interest in how we can improve our health through the right nutrition. I have attended several events and meetups covering topics about raw and whole food. And yes, my scientific brain got fried and I was tempted to leave the event earlier. However, I could increase my tolerance level a bit and tried to listen and understand. But theories don’t really do anything, except keep your mind juggling.

To know and not to do is not to know. – Unknown source

So, what’s the worst thing that can happen when you try to eat raw? You won’t starve to death and you might save some chickens. You can always go back to your old habbits.

Last Friday I went to the Raw Food restaurant here in Burleigh From Earth and Water. Very yummy food. The actual natural taste of fruits and veggies is amazing and unfortunately we have forgotten it. Yes, you can have a meal without tomato sauce! I already tried several recipes from a guy in the US, but I have forgotten his name 🙁 I am sure I will post about his book later. So, this weekend I’ve tried several things:

  • Mixed berry smoothie with raw almond milk
  • Tomato basil soup (with coconut water …. super yummy)
  • Blizz balls
Blizz Balls in the bowl
Blizz Balls a la JS

As I did the almond milk, I had almond pulp left, which I then used in the Blizz Balls. The balls are a mixture of Almond pulp, sesame seeds, Marple Syrup, Dates, dried cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut and a bit of Vanilla Essence. I put everything in the food processor until it came out a s a kneadable dough 😉 The vanilla essense is very strong, one or two drops could be enough. Between the marple syrup and dates I could have left out one of them. The dates themselves give the dough enough stickiness. I put the balls in the freezer and get them out as a snack … not too bad, but could be better, hehe!

I like the idea of eating living food. If you think about a human body’s normal temperature is around 36-38 degrees Celsius. Above that we actually die. Proteins denature and the whole metabolism just goes wrong. But we still eat food sometimes near boiling temperature, we burn our lips and tongue and maybe damage the oesophagus and even stomach.

The other thing is high temperatures kills … it kills plants. Therefore the stew we just brew together is a bunch of dead things. But yes, they say it is full of vitamines, minerales and proteins … that’s right, but it what state are they? Non-functional! Our body is a system and everything has to work with each-other so the whole body can function. An isolated Vitamine A (as you can buy it as a capsule) can’t do anything because it is not in the right environment it meant to work.

So, it’s lunch time now here and I will warm up a bit the Tomato-Basil soup (not above 40 degrees Celsius) and enjoy.

If you want to share your recipes or you want to know the soup’s ingredients … let me now in the comment section.