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it’s all about distribution

I really have to get this off my chest.

Just went to a store to get a beauty product I normally buy, but for some reason the shop was out of stock. The thing is that I was there already 2 days ago and nothing had changed regarding the stock in 2 days.

A couple of month ago there was a similar situation. I contacted the company that produces that specific product and asked them if I can purchase it directly from them, so I don’t waste my time going to a shop for nothing. Their answer was “wow … our products are in such a demand, that is great”. WTF?

What kind of customer service is that, to be proud of running out of stock at your distribution centres? Do you really think I am waiting until you have stocked up again? I want the product now. I want the product when I go to the shop. Who loses here? The manufacturer loses my sale. The retail shop loses a sale and I lose, because I don’t get the product at the time I wanted it.

What can be changed? I can change my shopping behaviour … I go to a direct marketing company, where I can buy the products straight from the manufacturer. All dependencies to a middle man is gone. I buy the products when I need them and I know I will get them and mostly actually delivered straight to my door. So no need to go to a shop to check whether the product is actually available.

That’s it … decision made. I will save time which I can use for more fun stuff in life 🙂

What do you do when your favourite product is not available?

You don’t know until you ask

You don't know if you don't ask
You don't know until you ask

Network marketing is a business for everyone, for stay-at-home mums, the executive assistant or the small business owner.

We have all done that, pre-judged people by their appearance, success or social status. We make the decision ourselves whether a person will join our team or not based on the impression we have. But how many times have we been wrong and missed out on a great leader in our team?

We will never know for sure what motivates any one person, but you can be sure that getting her/him on your team would contribute to both of your success.

Why you want to approach already successful people?

  • Money isn’t everything People want to be part of a community. Business women want to stay home and change their income stream and others are looking for another challenge
  • Success breeds success Already successful people know that they are able to succeed. But everyone can do a little better 😉
  • Appearances can be deceiving It is easy in our society to live beyond your means whatever lifestyle you are currently living in. People are always looking for better quality and quantity. Having a big paycheck doesn’t mean fulfillment from the job. Being your own boss and working from home can mean the world to people.

Again, you don’t know until you ask. The worst thing that can happen is just a simple “no”. And this only brings you closer to your next “yes”.