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best things that happen to me ... Mark & Franz
best things that happen to me … Mark & Franz

feeling you have accomplished something is a great feeling … you go home with your head hold high. Your colleagues praise you high as well and your self-confidence seems to raise, carefully of course. Because you have been burned before. You felt good about what you have done, and then the feedback from the management. One note, one comment … enough to destroy anything.

Of course, it is up to you if you take comments personally. Easy to say not to do … but I am sure everyone of us has a bit of an ego. So, how many time are you able to build up your crashed ego? Or do you just start not to enjoy the accomplishment anymore.

I’ve felt good today after work, but I am seriously scared of crashing again … kind of fear of failure. Instead of feeling of accomplishment the feeling of being a loser is stronger these days. Especially if you don’t know what will happen … uncertainty. Scary, very scary. I feel like I have tried lots of things, but I haven’t succeeded in any. Did I try not hard enough or not long enough? Don’t get me started about passion. I did enjoy the data analysis I did today. I just hope the management will enjoy it as well.

I need to clear my mind and look at all the options we have.

Love my son and husband!

Peace out!

what’s holding you back

I have started to write some posts again, and so far they kind of build on each other. I am struggling with seeing myself having success in life. I shared that with a friend of mine, and she started to question me and dig deeper and deeper. And here we go … that’s what I’ve found so far.

You have seen the list of things I enjoy or would like to do. You could ask why am I not doing them, e.g. playing guitar, or why am I not in Fiji next week? What’s holding me back? And that’s where typical excuses come into the game:

  • No money
  • No time
  • No space
  • I’m too big
  • I’m too old
  • I’m to small
  • I don’t have the right clothes
  • I don’t have this
  • I can’t do that

I could go on and on … and yes I am definitely guilty of some of them too. And you can indulge in them, whinge about them, strengthen them … but one thing is for sure … these excuses are holding you back to do the things you like to do. And therefore they are holding you back from being happy and therefore holding you back from being successful.

It’s sad to see that most people just stop here. That’s it. Because of these excuses, they stop living, literally. Maybe that’s the easy way out, the comfortable answer to any challenge. I am guilty here as well.

But … how much do you want to be happy? How badly do you want it? Na, you are all good with where you are? Not causing any troubles? Comfortable in the couch with chips in your hands? Good for you .. but that’s not me. I can be a couch potato in Germany as well. I moved to Australia for a reason. I actually want to live with a smile in my face … I want to be happy! It’s not easy, otherwise everyone would be happy and successful. Life is tough … Life is a journey with up and downs, otherwise it would be really boring.

Take one thing you really would like to do now, find out what’s holding you back. Take this excuse and put it on the table, write it down. For example, you don’t have the money. Why is that? 2 options: too high expenses and too less income. you can now reduce the expenses and/or increase the income … do a brain storm session, maybe with friends and family or just by yourself. You will be surprised what you can do to change. I can’t give you the solutions here, because everyone’s situation is different. Do you have the courage to implement some of the ideas? How much do you want to be happy? It might looks like too much, but if you break it down, everything is possible.

Remember, only when you are happy you can share happiness 😉 (it’s one of my favourite sayings)

It won’t happen over night. We have become quite impatient human beings … we want the reward immediately. We didn’t gain weight over night either … it has been accumulated over years of “hard” work 😉 … really don’t expect to lose the weight in just a couple of weeks.

Start saving today, be consistent and responsible, it will come. Have faith … believe in something you don’t see. But stay true to yourself. If you start exercising, but haven’t changed your nutrition, don’t expect much change in your body shape. Lot of other topics are popping up now in my mind.

Today I really wanted to make you aware of the excuses we are using, because we are scared to be out of the comfort zone. you might have to do some tough decision, you might lose some friendships. But if they don’t understand the direction you are going, then they were not your friends anyway 😉 you will discover a lot of new things in other people but mainly in yourself.

I have made some decision money-wise, but also fitness-wise. I have to put myself first, so I am actually able to help others later … put your mask on first. It won’t happen in the next week, and maybe not even in 4 weeks … but I will make it happen. Because I really want to pick up my guitar in Germany, I want to go to Fiji again and I want to have the best body condition possible to reach the next level in my Boxing career 😉

-Rambo Bambi-

Happiness leads to Success

… what do you think?

Let’s try it from this perspective. If you like what you do, things seem to be easier and you accept challenges far more easily as well. Also, you see failures as failing forward and learn from your mistakes. Things are happening and you feel good … doesn’t that feel like success?

So, what are the things I am currently enjoy doing?

  • Cert III in Fitness and not only because I am a student again 😉
  • Looking forward to Cert IV
  • hitting the gym myself
  • getting asked for advice, be it fitness-wise, food-wise or IT related (although I might have already lost some skills for the latter one)
  • boxing … looking so forward to reach the next level with my boxing skills
  • still my raw food journey although I should do more getting some “meals” prepared
  • Anything about Fiji … hype hasn’t calmed down yet. Looking forward to do more traveling over there
  • Looking actually forward to do more family things (be it with family back in Germany, but also having my own little one *blush*)
  • I want to go back playing my guitar

Ok, some actual future goals slipped into that list, but maybe you get the picture. I am actually feeling quite comfortable writing that now … far more relaxed compared to yesterday. You see how easily I got 9 points together … interesting. It’s all a question of where your mind is. Still not smiling though, but this will come over time, heheh!

Next step would be to ask yourself WHY, because that brings you to the next level on understanding yourself. Why do I still stick to that Raw Food “nonsense”? Because I believe that we (human) are meant to eat what Mother Nature gives us. But this is a completely other topic I could talk about for hours and it has been and will be definitely covered in this blog. Oh, by the way, still trying almost desperately now to get my mum of diary milk … mission for life.

Why fitness? I have been active all my life. I only became aware of it, when I started Uni and didn’t more or less move for years. That’s where I started to get back into sport, be it running, soccer, boxing and now I am even on my why to start a career in Personal Fitness. So watch the space … because I am not taking out the science, I am putting it back again 😀

Oh man, this writing flows much better already … I might have found something again. But don’t worry, I get my butt kicked to get back on track.

So, does happiness leads to success? I don’t know … but as long it makes you feel better, you should stick to it I think 🙂

I don’t know if that post will help, but it did help me 😉

The next post should be really about what is stoping you from doing what you enjoy and what to do about … another big topic.

How do I know I am successful?

Default answer would be “when I’ve reached my goal”. That’s what we get taught at school, you pass a test, you are successful. You score a goal, you are successful.

However … success is probably so much more or even something different. With the new age wave came the saying “Success is a journey”. But how can that be success when you stop halfway through. Didn’t you lose out at the end?

Some people say, it was not meant to be your journey or maybe not even your goal. Now I ask, why did that goal come to my mind in the first place then?

Possible answer now could be, that you met new people and you learned new skills, which is always good. Yes, good side effects … but still … I wanted that goal for a reason.

Ok, maybe I will use a personal example.

I haven’t been able to be successful in network marketing yet. I believe strongly in the business model. As long as I was active I met new people. But it was hard to keep them entertained. Maybe not the right people and only the right ones still stick around me now. Did I learn new skills? I don’t know … I guess not, otherwise I would have made it, no?

Now I can be upset that I haven’t made it yet in network marketing, but that would be silly and a waste of time. However, I don’t see the success in that journey … I’ve put quite some time and effort into that journey. Didn’t I do what I got told to do? sometimes and sometimes not. Is that it?

I think I connect success with getting something out of it. And I am still not valuing a human connection enough … damn it, this human thingy. It drives me nuts. Ok, ok, that was only an example.

Back to the initial exercise … which was to find 10 things I was successful in so far, and I only could list 5 things in the last post. So, finding a new friend who becomes a very close friend … is that success? It doesn’t feel like it for me, because I am not valuing it enough 🙁

Is success finding someone/something that makes me happy? Then a new friend would qualify for that. Or my trip to Fiji. “Finding” seems to be the wrong word here, it should be “discovering”. Because you are not planning to make friends, it just happens, doesn’t it?

I am still not comfortable to put that on the list though. Both “items” changed my life and probably will keep doing so …. success or faith?

I don’t know if that post went into the right direction … it feels like it was not successful, as I still haven’t completed my list. Is success measurable? it should be, kind of … as I can list it according to the exercise 😉

Ok, give me a break here ….

Find 5 positive reasons why you want freedom in life

This is a task I am working on right now.

Freedom means different things to different people. The meaning could even change of lifetime, as it did for me. As I grew up in a communist country, freedom meant back in time freedom in speech, freedom in religion or even freedom to travel. This has changed now for me.

Now I am looking for a more personal kind of freedom. I’ve put myself in a cage of high expectations, high expectations I have of myself but especially the high expectations my parents have of me (I believe they have them, but they actually don’t have them => problem number 1 😉 )

This puts me in a situation that I am never happy, I don’t see the achievements I have done in the past, I believe I am not successful etc … nasty situation to be in.  I am doing this task over a couple of days, and at the end I will chose the top 5 ones, the ones that appear everyday or the ones that I am strongest related to.

What have I found so far:

  • independence … very important for, but not that difficult for me as I grew up as a single child
  • Be the person who I really am … and not the person my boss wants me to be or my parents want me to be
  • Flexibility … due to the job I am in at the moment, I am bound to be at a specific time and a specific location, if I want or not
  • less negative stress … if I could work in the area I love, then it wouldn’t be work anymore and the negative stress would turn into a nice loving challenge
  • sincerity … doing what I love to do and my work would be far more sincere, as I love the product/service and I am 100% behind it.

I am sure there are plenty to add and I might update this post over time.

Not sure why freedom has become so important to me. Being bound to a job I don’t like, being bound to specific times makes me very uncomfortable. I have done it, I am doing it … but I also know a way out and I am working on it. I have the freedom to do so. So many don’t realize that they are slaves to the system, bound to a working scheme and bound to a financial scheme.

What does freedom mean to you? In what area do you think you need more freedom?

When do you start to believe in yourself?

When do you start do believe in yourself? Do you wait for approval from others? Do you wait till people tell you that they are proud of you? Do you wait until you can see results?

For most of the things we want to achieve, we can’t see or feel the results mostly until we have done 90% of the work and the rest is just polishing. But how many people give already up when they have only done 10% of the work? Expecting immediate results is as unrealistic as getting obese overnight. It builds up slowly over a long time period, but eat every day a little bit too much of the wrong food and I promise you obesity in 5 to 10 years. (maybe it is not the best example, but people want to lose weight overnight without realizing that it took them a while to actually reach that state)
Or even more sad, people give up when 89% has been done. They have the impression nothing is moving, there is nothing they can show for. And unfortunately we trust other people’s opinion more than our own guts. And after so long you start to doubt and listen to others. You have worked hard already for so long but you just can’t see the success around the next corner.

When you start believing in yourself, then there is no doubt that you will reach your goal. You don’t need to be motivated because you are inspired enough from within. Give yourself the patience and persistence to keep going, no matter what. It is not easy, but doing one little step everyday towards your goal is simple.

Do you have friends or family who don’t want you to succeed, because it would mean for them to get out of their comfort zone too? You are the first person who has to believe in your dreams, no one else. You don’t need confirmation or permission from others, you just need to believe in yourself.

Three critical factors for achieving success

Although many businesses and organizations are using project or task management tools, still a high number of projects continue to fail. Michael Krigsman is doing research on why in particular IT projects are failing. His main conclusion, I think, can be applied in other areas as well. For me personally, having a weakness in people skills, the three factors are the main driving forces for human connections. and to give myself a lesson I will investigate communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


It still hurts me when people tell me that they don’t understand my English because of my German accent. And then I’m wondering, who in Australia has no accent? Anyway, unfortunately I am using this as an excuse to not to talk to people. Yes, it is tiring to speak English 24/7/365 when English is not native to you. Therefore, I will shut down after a while of extensive talking and listening. But in reality it is more my shyness and low confidence that lead me to turn into an introvert person. People who know me well, will agree that I can talk especially when I am in my flow. I have chosen to live a life full of challenges so I am permanently out of my comfort zone. Am doing all this so I have more opportunities later to be in my flow 😉
Communicate with as many people as possible, be interested in what they are doing. You will be surprised how much sometimes you have in common with a complete stranger. And you never know who they might know 😉


Basic Math 1 + 1 = 3
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Teamwork hasn’t been my strength either. But I also believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or in other words 1+1 > 2. Simple as that. You get more done when you work in a team. We have to admit that we can’t be perfect in everything, however we are still trying to do write reports, build our own website and fix the car ourselves.

‘Collaborate’ comes from the Latin verb collaborare, where col means ‘together’ and laborare means ‘to work’. Yes, your colleague should be your friend and team mate, because you are playing together in the same league 😉

As I have learned that perfection is hindering progress, I am trying now to achieve excellence. You can achieve excellence in a team, but not perfection according to the saying Too many cooks spoil the broth. And how can a team work properly? Communication, yes, talk to each other to know what’s each other’s strength and weakness. Envy and jealousy have nothing to do in a team. Teamwork is not a competition. It’s better to leverage of each other. It’s more fun to win as a team than just you alone.

Sharing knowledge

If you don’t share what you know you will soon be a very isolated person, trust me. Your brain is working 24/7, you have thoughts and ideas. Put them down somewhere, so you don’t actually forget them again. How can you share your knowledge? Here just some ideas:

  • Write a blog
  • Social media such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Write a book or an article
  • You can sell your knowledge
  • You can give away your knowledge for free
  • Create audios or videos where you share your story

It sounds all too difficult for you? Look at Stephen Hawkins, the physicist and cosmologist from Cambridge. He is completely paralysed due to the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). He can’t speak neither move and therefore is bound to a wheelchair, which he actually bumped into me back in 2004 in Cambridge 🙂 Stephen is a freaking genius and there are even ways for him to share his knowledge. How would you feel not being able to express anything in words, mimic or other movements. Scary!

Back to the actual topic of this blog post … achieving success. Mastering the three above mentioned factors will definitely give you a plus in your business. Are you having any challenges with these three skills? Share ( 😉 ) your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

Talk soon!



P.S. I am looking for ambitious people working with me in my primary business. If that is you … please contact me!