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it’s all for the good

ouch ... my glutesouch, ouch, ouch … my glutes and my abs. After 2 days? Really? Anyway, feels like I hit some hot spots … finally I can adjust my workouts. Also happy that my lower back is not complaining, however still doing my daily stretches!

So, today morning walk and jog again. The number of light poles I can pass is increasing! What sucks is that I really have to kick myself to get started … still too tired! Blame the weather, the country or myself? The 10 burpees at the end are not really rewarding.

Today’s program was shoulders. My shoulders are generally strong built already, so my aim is more to keep them as they are and improve their mobility, which would be rotation. So I have looked into different kind of exercises. Not convinced yet, but here is the list:

  • DB Fly, rear delt
  • Shoulder press single DB
  • DB scarecrow
  • Upright row DB
  • Lying rear delt raise DB
  • Shoulder Press DB sitting

I finished 3 rounds happily, but had to decrease the weight for the scarecrow.

So, tomorrow thighs and calves … that will be interesting. especially with my weaker righter foot. I guess, I just need to keep moving. 🙂

Wednesday’s wicked workout

bench press by sleeping cat
No leg work, but bench press  in dreams are equally exhausting

Surprisingly I had a good day. It’s hot, it’s Fiji and I still managed to get moving throughout the day without having a nap today. Yesterday’s abs workout didn’t leave any noteworthy traces, so I might add some weights next week and maybe swap some exercises … will see.

Today’s afternoon workout was targeted to my lower back, gluts and hammies. Here is what I came up with. First of all I can mention I did 3 rounds today *tap on my shoulder*.

  • single leg split squat
  • lunges
  • bodyweight superman
  • bodyweight glute kickback
  • bodyweight bridge
  • step ups

My biggest concern was that I will stuff my lower back again, so I didn’t add any additional weights … and so far so good. Now, maybe 4 hours and a walk later .. I can feel my thighs again. I know I should use my hammies and glutes, but they are still not kicking in properly. Still too tight and then my thighs take over … and that means more stretching and more sessions on the tennis ball again to loosen them up.

Today’s morning included also a bit more jogging than just walking. I am still surprised how low my endurance is … as little as 50m slow jog and I am exhausted or maybe my leg makes me feel exhausted. I might also check my thyroid … it might play with my mind these days. I am convinced as long as I keep moving and can therefore kick some endorphines into my system, I can trigger my body to heal itself. Fighting the good fight of faith 🙂

The 3 compulsory small exercises I am doing after the walk/jog are still happening … I especially love these 10 burpees NOT!

Tomorrow shoulders … already put down a list of exercises into iMuscle .. will see what I can still move by tomorrow, hahaha!

TTT – the tuesday torture

external abs and rectus abdominisAs planned, Tuesday was my abs day and I spent some time with iMuscle to find some nice exercises to build my sixpack. 😉 The overall idea is to have 6 different exercises and one workout should be 2-3 rounds. I still haven’t something I can do between the rounds. The only two muscles I am training here are the external Abs and the Rectus Abdominis.

The program is as follows:

  • Side bend
  • Crunch ups
  • Bodyweight Twists
  • (Weighted) Leg-hip Raise
  • Bodyweight Side Bridge
  • Bodyweight Butt ups

I used here exactly the wording as found in iMuscle.

I might already adjust some of them with additional weights next time, but some of them are heavy enough for me with bodyweight only. Will see how I do feel tomorrow morning.

Apropos pain, I can feel that I haven’t trained my chest for some time and yesterday’s workout paid off. Might had some weight to the curls and upgrade a bit for the triceps.

Looking forward to tomorrow mornings walk/jog … Day 3 of my structured training … love to move 🙂

Back to training with structure

20140120-202118.jpgTo stay on top of all the things I would like to achieve this year I need to have a clear mind and a strong body. And as we all know exercise releases fancy endorphins, I need to get back to daily training if I want to stay away from medications. I really don’t need low time anymore. I need to stop worrying and thinking about everything that happened and could happen. Something will happen anyway. My body and my mind had quite a roller coaster-like journey in the last 6 months, so it’s time to get things back under control as much as I can. I know I can’t control everything and I don’t want that anymore.

Daily movement is highest priority for me now, especially now living in Fiji where you are tempted to rest in every corner. I have started to have a walk/jog mixture every morning between 5 and 6 am. Main goal is to get back the movement for my right food, which still get tired very quickly, but we are getting there. Secondly, the next goal will be to get the conditioning back to run easily 5-10 km.
If my heart rate allows it, which should be as long as I’m not running all the way, I still should be able to do the following daily exercises in the morning:

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 Spider-Man
  • my usual lower back, gluts and hammys stretches

In the afternoons or evenings I will do my second workout, that might already start with a boxing session, if my buddy is home 😉 additionally I will focus everyday on a different body part as I’m keen to tone up my body. The weekly program looks like that:

  • Monday: arms and chest
  • Tuesday: abs and core
  • Wednesday: back with focus on lower back
  • Thursday: shoulder/flexibility/posture
  • Friday: legs with focus on re-training the right leg
  • Saturday: boxing and doing the body part in case I have missed a day
  • Sunday: rest day

As it is Monday today I’ve put together my workout for the arms and my chest. I don’t have any gear and probably won’t have some for some time. So, here I get the chance to be inventive which should also be helpful for my future clients as a fitness instructor.
As weights I’m currently using 1.5L water bottles. They do their job so far. For some exercise ideas I’m using iMuscle, very fancy application, good investment for me so far.
Today’s program as follows:
2-3 rounds

  • hammer curls
  • bicep curls
  • tricep extensions
  • bench dips
  • bench press
  • fly

I might have to put some cardio between the rounds, will see. Fiji is already soooo hot 😉 Will see how I go. Will have a meeting with my mentor Daina later this week, she might be able to correct me in my approach.

is that it?

Another week … another go on the bi-plex program to get my back and chest smooth as possible.

And I have to say, although I cycled to work this morning with the pain I was used to from last week and I was kind of tied to a very uncomfortable office chair for almost 8 hours in row (as it is Monday after all), the after work workout worked out to be a good one.

Daina gave me another foam roller exercise, but let’s start with the warm up.

Cracking the chest up and upper back on the foam roller as usual, stretching the chest .. but then the DB Matrix … no pain. Twisted the hip as it should be, feet in the right position and no lower back pain … yeahhh!

Next round Daina gave me  some work to do on my Rectus femoris. She gave me the following link on youtube …

… and man, there are some nice spots to work on. I can see and feel how it works … looking forward to have smooth quads. Especially knowing that I will have the massage with Luka on Friday. Still not sure about the plank exercise. I watched myself in the mirror and I am not happy with my posture … Daina, help 🙂

DB shoulder press no problem, however I think I did overstretch a bit my left shoulder, so I better stick to the 7.5kg for a while till sorted. Love doing the stretching 8/8/8/ for my hip flexors … although you don’t feel or see any process, something feels good about it. Maybe that I am the only one who does kind of ballet in the free weight are in the gym, hahah!

Increased the weight for the seated row today up to 20kg … and I could feel the back working. Just wondering if that the kind of pain I have looking for or should actually avoid. It was no problem and not annoying pain. I will give it a go tomorrow again. Anterior reaches are going now more into a stretching exercise for the hammier … will try tomorrow to lift the back leg during the exercise. My back is all good.

Triple threat … still scared to lift the butt properly as I feel like hurting my back. will check tomorrow again.

Overall, loved the workout today … is that the progress I am looking for or is that just a period again, where other muscles cover up the actually pain … time will tell.

back in gym with updated program

Last Thursday Daina updated my program a little bit, so I thought I will check that out today and also take the time to see how long I need for the whole program.

First thing I noticed … the DB matrix … I could do the whole movement without actual pain … loved it as I could feel the hammies doing their part, I focused on getting the right position and I watched the pain threshold. But all good.

Still love the work on the foam roller … back keeps cracking and my chest keeps stretching when I put my arms in a 10-2 position … this is a long process to get my chest up.

so, the change was now that I don’t do the leg curls anymore 🙁 … loved them, but Daina took them out of the program. So, I did the modified plank instead 3 rounds … 10 sec off and on to get the focus on a whole body tension and not only upper body. Not sure if that was successful today, but hey … Rome wasn’t build in a week either 😀

Shoulder press with 7.5kg dumb bells … good exercise, not keen to put on more weight and keep focusing on getting the posture right. The Wall Hip Mobility exercise reminds me a bit of my ballet hours I took a loooong time ago. Things you do to stay fit, hey? Very good exercise and challenging every time because the hip has to be in the right position. Luka massaged my Hip flexors last Friday … no, he actually tortured them … when u touch me there, I kill you … new pain type for me. That’s the most scary part I am not looking forward to.

Seated row with 14kg … no pain, but I could move my whole body to get the complete required movement done. Anterior reaches … awesome today, the hammies did their part as well. I think I am getting there to get the work out of my lower back.

Triple threat, I really need to work on my posture there. i am scared I am arching my back too much, but looking in the mirror it seems to be the opposite. A question for the PT then 😉

Ok, the whole session took me exactly an hour … so, see you back in the gym probably tomorrow arvo .. as it is Monday.

Losen up upper body

First post ever in my Log book … I am curious I will go with that. Very keen to keep track on my exercises, workouts. Things pop up in my head during the session, so I prefer to put them down asap. Ideas for next workout, what muscle or exercise to look up in my resources or question I want to ask my instructors and PTs at the time.

So, here we go. Daina put a nice workout together with the goal to loosen up my upper body and get the stiffness out of my guts, quads and hip. I have done this program now for more than a week, but got badly “hit” by lower back pain which limited me quite a bit in movement and literally forced me to stay in bed for the last 2 days … so, back in the gym today.

Warm up: 2 rounds

  • Stretch chest using the foam roller – done for so many times already and it still keeps cracking. Loving it. But also maybe a sign that I should finally see a chiropractitioner to get my vertebrates sorted. Need to ask Daina how to intense the stretching of the chest
  • Rolling out right adductor and left glut. – Funny how I always find painful spots. This exercise will be the rest of my lfe on my workouts. We do it only this side to see if after 4 weeks we actully loosen some tension compared to the opposite. Love being a guinea pig 😉
  • DB Matrix (one exercise “7 o’clock”) – right now with my lower back problem a very interesting exercise. Got last week the tip not to twist my front leg as like it is frozen, as this increases the effect of stretching the hip flexors. Good for body awareness as the upper body has to be straight. Bend over just before pain kicks in. Listen to your body. Right turn is better than left due to lower back issue. But I could work out the best angles for me.

Bi plex 1 : 3 rounds

  • Leg curl 25 kg 10x – I will stick to 25kg for a while. Lower back only kicks in when I relax. It is all smooth during the exercise. It is really to give the hammies something to do and take over some tasks from the lower back and upper body. Feel them during cycling now, as I try to remove the force onto the quads.
  • Plank 1 minute – to train the core. Need to get the ballast off the shoulders and more around the core. Due to lower back issue I do plank 10sec on and off for a minute and really focus on where the tension is and shift it if needed.

Bi plex 2: 3 rounds

  • Seated shoulder press 85degree 7.5kg 12x – Just can’t find a bench I can adjust to 90 degrees 🙁 Not keen yet to increase weight as upper body needs to loosen up. But otherwise  an “alright”-exercise.
  • Wall hip mobility 8/8/8 EL – Love that exercise although I don’t feel the stretch during the first part. But I train my body awareness as I need to focus to keep my body upright and must not twist my hip.

Bi plex 3: 3 rounds

  • Seated row 20kg 12x – Lower back kicks in as soon as I use the upper body to lift weights. Will use arms only until back calmed down. No increase in weight needed as I’m focussing to move my shoulder blades … I want to be aware of it
  • Anterior reaches 12xEL – Back leg stays on the floor. Bend over till pain, working on to get the gluts involved. Don’t think I made it today … Not sure what feeling I’m waiting for.

Finisher: 2 rounds

  • Triple threat x 12 – awesome stuff … As I’m learning to use hammies instead of lower back. Also good stretcher for hip flexor. Only 2 rounds today as lower back kicked in.

Quite time intensive workout, need to watch the clock if I want to get it done before work.