Where are you now?

Old phoneTimes have changed, haven’t they? 20 years ago, you knew exactly where the person was when you called them on the phone. I guess that was the only advantage of having a landline. 😉

These days you call someone, and you could have no clue where they actually are … but somehow you get a connection. The waves find their way through the cloud. How cool is that?

Do you think Generation Z has ever used a rotary dial on a phone? Where I grew up, we didn’t have a phone, until the Wall came down in 1990. I am sure you can guess on which side of the Wall I grew up. If I remember right, only people with the “right” connections or with Diabetics could have a phone. (Surely, other diseases as well.) …. I guess we had plenty of invented diabetic people in the 80’s 😉

I remember when we finally got the phone. It was exciting and cool. You felt special when the phone rang, I still do now, hehe. I actually stayed at home waiting for a phone call. The obvious disadvantage of a landline. As I said, things have changed … I don’t have a landline number anymore. Mobile is the way to go.

Looks like I have outed myself now … I am not member of Generation Z 😀